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Columbia heads to camp

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Haley Frye

H. Frye

This week the sixth grade students at Columbia Elementary School will be taking their annual camping trip to Camp Campbell Gard. The students leave on Oct. 23 and return on Oct. 25. Students and teachers alike have already begun preparing for the trip which was started by Dave Bidwell.

This year sixth grade teacher Amy Sexton will be taking her fourth trip to Camp Campbell Gard, and says the trip helps students meet new people, since Columbia Elementary School is where students from J. F. Burns, South Lebanon, and Kings Mills Elementary come together.

“The trip is always at the beginning of the year so that all of the students can get to know each other better,” says Sexton.

Most of the sixth grade teachers and some fifth grade teachers go on the trip. Their job is to chaperone the many team building activities the students do to help kids branch out more, and the teachers are very enthusiastic about it.

“Most teachers can’t wait to go,” says Sexton.

Seventh grader Lauren Steele, who has already been on the trip, says that “free time” was always the part of the trip that she looked forward to.

“I liked free time because we could just walk around and hang out with our friends,” says Steele.

Sixth grader Jordyn Aruri says that she is looking forward to spending time with her classmates as well.

“I’m expecting it to be really fun because I will be with all of my friends,” says Aruri.

One of the most memorable parts of the trip is the “Underground Railroad,” where students are treated like 19th century slaves and counselors act as white land owners who either help or hurt the slaves.

Aruri says that she’s not worried about this part of the trip, saying “I’m not really nervous. I’m
actually excited for it.”

The camping trip is a well kept tradition that has forged bonds between students and teachers and has helped many kids make friends and create memories. Sexton remarks that the trip is the kick off to an outstanding year.

“The trip lays the groundwork for the rest of a great school year.”

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