Historic Matchup
Kings freshmen to face Moeller

Cassidy Foley

C. Foley

For the first time in Kings history, the Freshmen Knights football team will take on the Moeller Crusaders.

On Saturday, Oct. 26, Kings will travel to Montgomery to take on the Crusaders’ Freshman B-team in a game of football.

The Knights are ready to face such a challenging team. Being a Division 1 organization, Moeller’s Varsity football team took their team to State last winter and came out with an unforgettable win. The Crusaders have a tough reputation, taking on nationally-ranked foes and every year battling their way deep into the state tournament.

Still, head freshman coach Matt Christman said he expects his team to perform well.

“It’s going to be tough, no doubt,” he said. “If we play well against Moeller, I think that we’ll be able to play just about anyone.”

Christman said he has faith in the freshman team this year, and is really happy to see them improving every day.

“We’re playing better every week. We like what we’re doing now. The freshman are maturing and they’re really doing what we want them to do.”

Assistant coach John Bauer agrees.



“It’s going to be a tough game. It would be a great win for our boys.”

From a player’s perspective, starting quarterback Willie Brewster has considered the game and is really confident about his fellow team members. He thinks the season is going well so far, and he expects a win for the Knights.

“I like the challenge. It’s really fun for me,” Brewster said.

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