Sound of Music
Kings A Cappella Going Strong


Olivia Wright

O. Wright

If you walk into Kings High School at any given Monday or Wednesday night throughout the entire year, you will hear music in the halls.

The Kings A Cappella program is expanding and changing every year and is one of the only activities at KHS with no offseason whatsoever. The program consists of two different ensembles: One Knight Only- made up of 8 boys and 8 girls, and 2Knight 2Knight- this year, made up of 8 girls (shown left).

The program is under the direction of Scott and Katie Hayward and Wright State Music Education student, Anna Townsend.

More and more people are joining the A cappella program every year as the love of music spreads throughout our high school. A cappella newcomer, Freshman Teegan Bays, says that she was excited to get to high school and discover a way to get to sing with a group year-round.

“I’ve always loved music, and I thought that doing the musicals was going to be the only way for me to get to sing and perform, So I was so excited when I heard that I could perform contemporary music for 6 hours a week, every week, all year.”

There was a dramatic change this year, as 6 of the 8 members of the originally co-ed 2Knight 2Knight graduated with the class of 2013 and left their shoes to be filled. The directors chose to make the group an all-girl group this year, which they have all come to find out has its pros and cons.

Junior Niki Walter, an original member of 2Knight 2Knight says, “It’s so much easier to become close when you’re with a group of all girls because you can have sleepovers and you really just become like sisters. And with all girls, we can create a completely different type of stage presence because we can be more sassy and girly and fun.

The only downside is that we have no one to hit our low notes.” Senior Haley Clutter adds that it’s very different from previous years because this year they have really gotten down to business and sped up their learning process and become more versatile on voice parts.

Co-Director, Katie Hayward, says that she and her husband started this program at Kings because they have a deep love for A cappella and really think it has a future in our society. “It’s just so cool because it unites the singer with the music that they love. It lets them become a part of it. And you also learn so much about music from it because it is so technical and requires so much focus and precision.”

She says that she anticipates constant growth in the program in the years to come.

“The best part of my job is that moment when you see your kids be successful, whether it be nailing a note, or a rhythm, or a song as a whole.”

Bays sums it all up when she says “A cappella is the best part of my week. We’re a big support system- a family. No matter how bad my school day was, A cappella rehearsal fixes everything.”

You can catch both 2Knight 2Knight and One Knight Only performing at choir concerts, Music Mania, in music festivals, on Youtube (KingsAcappella), and at various gigs around our community. Like them on facebook for more information, or if you would like to contact them with performance opportunities.

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