Senior Night stirs emotions


Grace Wolf

G. Wolf

Friday night marked a big occasion for all Kings High School senior athletes.

First, the football team secured a berth in the conference playoffs, with a win over Glen Este. But the night was also special because it was “Senior Night” — the final night that many Kings seniors would spend in their stadium.

The night began with a variety of football players shaving themselves mohawks in hopes of making the playoffs. After the victory, the players promptly shaved Coach Ron Corradini’s head.

“The seniors thought the head-shaving would be a ‘bonding activity’. And after Bo Firstenberger got his done; he pointed at me and said, ‘If we win coach, you’re getting your head shaved,”” Corradini said.

Various traditions of Senior Night took place on Friday as well. Varsity underclassmen football players gave a teacher of choice their jersey to wear to the game. All seniors got to give a parent or relative their jersey. These chosen individuals — known as “Persons of Impact” — were recognized at halftime, asked to stand up in the stands and be acknowledged.

Before the game, all senior athletes walked across the field with their families while being introduced over the loudspeaker.

Senior football player Jeremy Vandever (pictured above with his family) said it was an emotional night for him.

“I was sad, but happy,” he said. “I think it’s a moment that will last a lifetime. It was special to hang out with my team before I go off to college. It was the last night I got to play on the field.”

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