NHS taps the best

McKenzie Metzger

M. Metzger

NHStapMetzgerNational Honor Society is one of KHS’ many clubs to join. But NHS isn’t just a free to join club. NHS is an academic club for students nationwide.

In order to get into NHS, students have to have an accumulative average of 3.85, 25 hours of community service, and two teacher recommendations.

If students meet those requirements they then fill out an application which they are taking now until Dec. 13 for underclassmen (non-seniors). In the applications they are looking for five different qualities: Character, helpfulness, attitude, motivation, and maturity. All of which they rate on a scale of 1-5. KHS teacher Sandra Thomas (leader of NHS) said that people will be tapped for NHS sometime in the Spring.

The ceremony is always a surprise. Current members will enter a classroom with a rose, and “tap” new members. That is when the real work begins.

NHS does many things for it’s school and community and serves as a service club. All year, it participates in a recycling committee in which students collect classroom recycling bins and also promote recycling and staying green. Upcoming events are the toiletry drive, the food drive, and Winner’s Walk Tall.

“We really are an active organization,” said Thomas.

NHS is part of a national organization. KHS has to pay dues to the National NHS for our students to be in the club. KHS’ NHS is run by Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. King. Although they are the leaders they expect the kids to do the work.

“It’s your club, you have to do the work,” said Thomas.

Another event that NHS takes care of is Teacher Appreciation. Taylor England, committee chair for teacher appreciation, said that NHS provides treats and words of encouragement for the teachers. She said that this is her favorite part of NHS.

“I like organizing stuff for the teachers because they do a lot for us,” said England.

NHS has hopes of doing an “energy audit” where they try to see if they can save KHS money on being energy efficient. NHS also is forming an ethics committee to deal with cheating and how it should be handled. NHS handles pre-prom and seniors handle NHS inductions.

As one may be able to tell by looking at all the requirements and things that NHS covers, it is huge participant in KHS. Thomas said that is is definitely an organization where you have to meet academic requirements. England said that it is a club for the students.

“It is a club that bonds kids together and bonds community as one.”

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