The Burnside Bunch

Haley Frye

Haley Frye

Burnside Adoption FRYEThis holiday season, KHS Vice Principal Rob Burnside and his wife are once again opening their home to a child in need of a family.

Ruslan, a 14 year old boy born in Ukraine, will get to spend this Christmas in the Burnside’s home, instead of in an orphanage.

Last year the Burnsides adopted a young girl, Zhana, from Russia (see photo below), and this year they could be doing the same thing for Ruslan. Burnside is involved in a program in which Ukrainian children travel to the U.S. to be hosted by willing families.

“It gives them a break from their orphanages,” said Burnside.

If the child decides they want to live with the family who is hosting them, then there is a chance they could be adopted, which is the process the Burnsides are currently entering.

“He said he wanted to live with us,” said Burnside, “so right now we could be adopting him.”


The Burnsides last year with Zhana.

However before there is any more talk of adoption, the Burnsides are just hoping to provide a great Christmas for Ruslan.

“He will be here Dec. 19 through Jan. 13,” Burnside said.

What makes the relationship between the Burnsides and Ruslan different from their last adoption is the amount of communication that goes on between the two, a luxury that was not available during the adoption of their daughter last year.

“We communicate with him through Facebook and send messages to each other,” said Burnside.

The relationship they had with their daughter before the adoption was different because communication was very limited. They had never met her, and didn’t really know her.

“We had to fly over and see her,” Burnside said.

However this time they even get to send food and money over to the orphanage just for Ruslan, as a way for them to stay connected even when they aren’t physically together.

“We got to send him bananas, oranges, and Snickers,” said Burnside.

Having the opportunity to give a child a forever home is something the Burnsides cherish, and will always have a passion for.

“The cause of orphans in our world is one that is very important and one that our family committed to working on.”

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