Queen, athlete, scholar

Grace Wolf

G. Wolf

Bruns WOLFKings High School’s reigning Homecoming Queen rules a different kind of court.

An ambitious student and a determined athlete, 2013 Homecoming Queen Laura Bruns is a standout to peers and a “main target” to opponents.

Being a three-sport high school athlete isn’t easy. However, Bruns makes it looks simple. She is currently a captain on the women’s basketball team and was a team captain for the women’s varsity soccer team in the fall. Bruns has obtained nine varsity letters so far, with three in soccer, three in basketball, and three in track. She hopes to earn her tenth letter this upcoming spring.

Senior year has brought a lot of changes for Bruns.

“It’s weird not having anyone older than you lead you,” she said. “I like it though.”

And a leader she is – on the court and the scoreboard. Even though Bruns is the starting basketball point guard, mainly a ball-handling position, she has the second highest rebounding average on the team. Bruns is also the top scorer with an average of 8 points per game. On top of all of that, Bruns maintains the highest average for steals.

king-queenWomen’s varsity basketball head coach Matt Knott described how Laura has improved on the basketball court during her high school journey.

“She has grown to be one of the key communicators on the floor,” Knott said. “Laura has a ‘coach on the floor’ mentality. She has one the highest minute average of play time per game.”

Bruns never wastes those valuable minutes either. “No plays off” is how Knott describes her work ethic. Freshman varsity point guard Mackenzie Marcum also praises Bruns’ hard work.


M. Marcum

“Driving to the basket is what Laura is best at. I want to work as hard as her when I’m her age. Shes a very good role model and I look up to her,” Marcum said.

Even though Laura Bruns patrols the court in basketball, she claims that soccer is her favorite sport because she has been playing it since she was six years old.

As high school is winding down for Laura, she plans on continuing her legacy at Miami University in Oxford next year. She does not plan on playing any sports in college but is looking forward to participating in recreational sports in hopes of trying something new.

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