Church fast invites discipline

21 day fast Stelmack

Carley Stelmack

C. Stelmack

Starting Jan. 12 and continuing through Feb. 2, Rivers Crossing Community Church and Village Community Church will be participating in a church-wide fast.

The fast will last for 21 days and can range anywhere from social media to eating only fruits and vegetables. According to Kevin Peyton, pastor of Village Community Church, the purpose of fasting is to “ have spiritual discipline and give something up to spend more time with God. “

The basic principle of fasting is that whatever you decide to give up, you will spend that time with God rather than whatever it is you have given up. There are many different kinds of fast, one of the most common being sweets.

The Daniel’s fast consists of no rich foods, as well as well as no meat or wine. The foundation of the Daniel’s fast is fruits and vegetables. Another common fast is the juice fast.

During a juice fast you can only consume vegetable and fruit juice and water instead of solid food. This is one of the most popular and effective fasts.

Peyton recommends doing one of these fasts as well as something such as giving up social media or t.v.

Many Kings students attend Rivers Crossing and are participating in the 21 day fast. Junior Sophia Post is doing the Daniel’s fast and will be eating only fruits and vegetables.

“ At the end of the fast I hope that I will have strengthened my relationship with God. “

Senior Abby Groome is fasting from all white flour and sugar and every other day does the Daniel’s fast. Groom said she loves the clean and healthy feeling it gives her.

“ At the end of the fast I hope to remember the reasons why I’m doing it”

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