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Seventh-grade girls strong at the hoop

BLEDSOE-7th grade bball

Amanda Bledsoe

A. Bledsoe

The Kings seventh-grade Lady Knights basketball team is dominating the courts this year with an impressive 11-1 record.

With Coach Andrea Kearcher, team captains Jordan Crawley, Jordan Rhodes and teammates the Lady Knights have accomplished some impressing feats this basketball season.

This year’s team is so much more different the previous years. “Many of the girls play competitive basketball year round,” Kearcher said. “They have great fundamentals and are highly competitive”

Along with their competitiveness the team exudes character on and off the court. “The team is very complimentary of each other,” Kearcher adds. “They will help each other learn and grow.”

For most of the girls including one of the team’s captain’s, Jordyn Crawley, Kearcher’s previous statement holds true.

“My teammates are the best group of people to ever play with,” she says. “We are all hard workers and all of us understand what goes on out there.”

Jordyn Rhodes, the other team captain, also agrees with Crawley about her teammates. “I think we play very well together,” she adds.

The team’s unity along with their dedication is what makes them a winning team. Each day they have practice for one and a half hours so they can be unbeatable on the court.

“We always have a talk before the game to get pumped,” Rhodes says. “We also listen to music to get ready for our games.”

The team uses their drive and determination during each game. “We all want it” Crawly says. ”We hustle from the second the ball is in play to the second we come off court”

This year’s seventh grade girls’ basketball seems to be a great team on and off court. Next stop: playoffs? How about when this team is a varsity high school squad?

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  1. Great to see these players get some recognition! I would highly recommend that if you have not seen them play, you get to a game ASAP. They are fun to watch. I also cannot wait to see them compete at the varsity level. Keep working hard, girls!

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