Doebereiner: Still a star


Maddie DePaoli

M. DePaoli

Freshman year of college, back to the bottom of the food chain. Right?

Not for some people, like KHS Class of 2013 graduate Hunter Doebereiner, who as a Miami University freshman scored the lead role in the university’s fall play, Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.”

Having started his theater career in sixth grade, going to a couple of shows and auditioning for the Children’s Theater of Mason’s production of “Beauty and the Beast,” Doebereiner has worked his way up to playing many lead roles throughout high school – and now college.

As a Kings senior, Doebereiner played the part of Macbeth, a difficult role for any actor willing to explore Macbeth’s dark side. The play is about murder, power, a man and his wife who are willing to kill to get what they want.

Then, just a few months after graduating Kings, Doebereiner found himself reprising his role – this time on a much larger stage.

“It isn’t a surprise that he got the lead, Hunter set an example of what it means to be committed to a role and to a production; he was a fantastic role model for everyone else” said KHS English teacher and high school play director Peter Moore.

There is a huge leap from high school to college theater. The amount of time spent at rehearsals, practicing during his own time, and what is expected from him his has certainly been an upgrade.

“At the college level, everyone is talented and the casting of Macbeth could have come down to something as small as the chemistry felt during callbacks between the person who played Lady Macbeth and I,” Doebereiner said.

Though he is a naturally gifted actor, from a talented family that has been involved in local theater for decades, Doebereiner credits much of his success to Moore – whom he said taught him many techniques that have made Hunter an even better actor.

“Without his skill, I would not have even had a chance to get Macbeth this year at Miami,” Doebereiner said.

Never one to sit still, Doebereiner is now preparing for upcoming productions of Peter Pan and Crumbs From the Table of Joy. Aside from preparing for the plays, Doebereiner is currently double-majoring in Theater and Psychology and plays rec broomball in his spare time.

After college, he plans to move to Los Angeles to try his acting there, in hopes of making it big.

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