Tackling the ACT

Berman - selhorst

Helaine Berman

H. Berman

The ACT is a test that many high school students take because it is important for people who want to go to college. It scores people’s ability on English, math, reading, and science. It is important to do well on this test because it can help with getting into college and getting scholarships.

The ACT is given six times throughout the school year and students who take it multiple times usually improve.

Kings High School offers a unique class that helps with improving ACT scores. It’s called College Essentials, and it’s taught by Brittany Selhorst.

“Students who want to go to college should take this during their junior year because the content of the test is through junior year; the combination of school and test prep is ideal. Students’ scores collectively increase about 3 points throughout the year,” Selhorst said.

The class consists of preparing for the ACT and looking into different colleges and what majors students might want to go into.

“The class mainly focuses on test prep, but we also look at how to apply for college, financial aid, and majors,” Selhorst said.

The class is mainly about the ACT, but there is also some review for the SAT.

“We go over the format and scoring of SAT. Kids who do take the SAT get extra practice, but it’s usually only 1 or 2 kids,” she said.

Kings High School junior, Jenna Maschino, took the class and thought it helped improve her ACT score.

“I took the ACT in December after I took the class and my score went up two points,” she said.

The test prep is an online program through Naviance called Prep Me. All students can use it, but the class gives students a place and time to do it.

“The Prep Me exercises have a lesson that teaches you a specific section, like geometry, and then there’s a corresponding test that will let you know if you’ve learned it. The lessons cover anything that could be on the ACT,” Maschino said.

The class also helped Maschino determine which kind of college she wanted to go to.

“We spend some classes researching different colleges and majors. It helped me realize that I prefer smaller colleges,” she said.

Overall the class gets students thinking about the future. Selhorst thinks that everyone’s future is different and is dependent on what each student wants to do.

“It’s important to have a college degree, but college is getting more and more expensive. The number of people who have a degree that doesn’t relate to their job makes me sometimes question if it’s worth it, but ultimately each student should do what they want to do.”

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