KHS Whistling Ensemble forms

Whistling Ensemble 1

Dana Bezman

D. Bezmen

KHS Junior and music enthusiast Nick Froehlich is currently in the process of taking his passion and creating his own musical organization, Kings’ first Whistling Ensemble.

Froehlich (pictured center, right) has gathered around 15 members so far to help make the Whistling Ensemble a success. The goal for these musically-devoted members is mainly to have fun but also to “hopefully one day perform the National Anthem at a varsity basketball game or a band concert,” said Froehlich.

To help themselves prepare, Froehlich and Whistling sidekicks are trying to produce unforgettable arrangements that will leave the audience wanting more.

“We try and work out parts from our favorite songs most Fridays after school,” said Froehlich.

He said he decided to create the Whistling Ensemble because he was motivated by its unique twist to the music industry.

“I wanted to do this to change the course of music, a revolution if you will.”

One member in the Whistling Ensemble is junior Matt Tracey. He said he is a proud participant and enjoys taking part in this after-school activity.

“I love the unity between each member and the music we explore,” he said.

Tracey and other participants decided to join Froehlich to start something fresh and exclusive. While still looking for more participants, this year’s Whistling Ensemble members encourage others to check it out.

“I highly recommend other people join, there will be snacks,” Tracey said.

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