LEGO Movie great for everyone

Everything is awesome with The Lego Movie.

Valerie Hamilton

V. Hamilton

This movie revolves around a character named Emmet Brickowski , who is a normal worker, who is not extraordinary in any form, just living his life. He works in a construction company, wakes up everyday and reads the same book listening to the same song called “Everything is Awesome,” and follows the rules to a tee.

One day while working on his normal life, he sees an attractive girl back on his work site, and he goes back there, breaking his normal schedule. He watches her, and something happens, he falls into a hole on the work site, and instead of dying, he found something that made him special, a chosen one.

What will happen when the normal becomes extraordinary?

This movie is probably one of my favorite animated movies in a long time. It really was an emotional ride, with amazing graphics, that really looked like stop motion animation. The humor always created an adult feel. In the theater, there were plenty of kids, a few adults. But as I looked out at the crowd, the adults were laughing more than the kids.

This is not to say that kids will not enjoy The Lego Movie. The vibrant colors, creative characters, many of which mimic real Lego characters you can buy, and laughs for the kids. This movie really is a must-see for all ages.

Knight Times Rating: 4.5/5 shields


Pompeii full of cheese

Pompeii is a movie about a character from the tribe of Celtics who were wiped out about by another tribe, leaving only one lone survivor Milo (Kit Harington, of the HBO series Game Of Thrones fame).

Milo is eventually captured by the slave trade owners and transferred to Pompeii. Milo is filled up with pumped up aggression, and eventually becomes a great fighter, a gladiator, as some of the other gladiators were impressed by him. Recently, a new gladiator emerges that was going to become a problem. Milo now must try to prove that he can take down anyone, and what they don’t know is that a natural disaster is about to happen. What will happen next in Pompeii movie?

This movie is not good at all. For one thing, the acting was not good. The acting was as cheesy as it can get. I wanted to walk out at some point as the cheesiness of the writing and acting was the worst. The cinematography is the only good thing about this movie, honestly. Really don’t show this movie to anyone, it should be burned. This movie made me angry, I would rather have got my teeth drilled then to have seen this movie again.

Knight Times Rating: 0.5/5


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