From Mock Trial to law school


Amanda Bledsoe

A. Bledsoe

Bennett Moss, a 2010 Kings graduate, is on his way to a promising future.

Since he graduated Kings, Moss (standing, center) has attended University of Cincinnati for four years and will graduate this spring.

During Moss’ senior year at Kings he participated in Mock Trial, a simulation of courtroom trials where students fill the positions of witness, attorney, etc. while competing against other schools.

In one early but fateful mock-trial experience, at the very last minute, Moss had to take over the role of “witness” for another student. The rest is history. Moss performed so well that he helped his team advance to win regionals — and nearly made it to state competitions. 

Elisa King, KHS teacher, leader of Mock Trial and one of Moss’s teachers, said she has fond memories of coaching and teaching Moss.

“For the very little time Bennett was on Mock Trial he was really good,” said King. “Even before he was on Mock Trial, I always knew he had great potential”

Moss shares such fond memories. He said King helped prepare him for his future in many different ways.

“There is definitely more work,” Moss said. “However you don’t realize it because you are so immersed in your education.”

Moss joined UC’s Mock Trial in his freshman year and followed in many of his peers footsteps. Now, he is UC’s Mock Trial president and team captain. Since he joined, the UC team has gone to regionals every year and are currently ranked 24th in the nation.

“Once I joined the team I was immediately surrounded by the smartest people I have ever met,” explained Moss.

Now he is ready for the next step in his career.

“It’s weird to be a senior now,” Moss said. “I am trying as hard as possible to be as good of a role model as the people who have served as such for me.”

With his senior year nearly complete, Moss looks to move on to a new chapter in his life. Upon graduation, Moss will receive an $18,000 scholarship to study law at the University of Texas at Austin.

His admirable resume includes his work in Mock trial, an ambassador position for new students coming into the university, working in the Great American Insurance tower downtown, and even working at the downtown Staples office. He said all these activities helped him earn his scholarship.

“My scholarship is a result of my entire college career,” Moss said. “My biggest advice to anyone looking to succeed in college is to put yourself in the right position, and success follows.”

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