Big Year
Quiz Team aims high

Quiz Team-Berman

The KHS Quiz Team has had a strong year and is headed to regionals.

Update 4/12: The Quiz Team placed third at regionals today in Tipp City, ending a historic year for the squad ...

The Kings High School Quiz Team has had a very successful year.

Helaine Berman

H. Berman

After defeating rival Walnut Hills, the Knights are now headed to the regional competition on Saturday, Apr. 12 at Tippecanoe High School where they will compete against over 10 different high schools.

This has been one of the best years the team has had in a while. Coach of the Quiz Team and Kings High School math teacher Alex Garvin, thinks their success could be because of the returning members.

“We have three three year starters. They’re seniors now and they have been doing it since they were freshmen. After three years they have honed their expertise,” Garvin said.

The team has also changed their practice schedule to help improve their chances of doing well at regionals.

“We’ve amped up practices to three times a week instead of two,” Garvin tells. “Normally we go through old competition questions, but now We’re practicing questions from past regional rounds so we will know what we’re in for.”

The subjects they’re quizzed on are history, geography, math, physical science, life science, fine arts, American literature, and English literature. Since there are so many subjects the team has to practice often, but Kings High School senior, Brian Carter, doesn’t mind.

“The Great Garvini is a fantastic coach. I couldn’t ask for a better one,” Carter said. “The best part about quiz team is the love, lust, betrayal, and friendship. The rivalry, thrill, and trash talk makes it so unique. Beating Walnut Hills was fun, too. We felt like our hard work had finally paid off.”

A competition works by having a team question that each team gets 10 seconds to answer and the first team to hit the buzzer gets to answer it. They have two guesses to get it right. Except in math where they have 30 seconds. It’s also possible to steal another team’s question.

Garvin hopes that they team continue to advance in competitions and that going to regionals becomes more common.

“I hope that regionals becomes an every year occasion and that eventually we will be able to compete at a state match,” Garvin said. “Even if we don’t advance past regionals it will still have been a successful year.

Garvin’s enthusiasm extends beyond this year, hopeful for success in future competitions.

“I love coaching it and I like seeing how excited kids get when they know things that others don’t. I’ve really grown to like this bunch and I hope that they do well in the future.”

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