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Schools join for dinner theatre


This spring Kings High School students are helping Kings Junior High put on a dinner theater show for the community.

Amanda Bledsoe

A. Bledsoe

With the help of KHS Drama Teacher Peter Moore and the high school directors, KJH students are given an opportunity to put on short dramas for their peers along with a dinner.

Mr. Moore started the dinner theater tradition 3 years ago.

“Realizing I wouldn’t be able to do this all by myself,” Mr. Moore said, “I decided it would be great to get the high school students to help out.”

The high school students are given the part of directors. The dinner theater process starts off with the junior high auditioning in front of the high school students.

“Once auditions are over, the directors must choose a drama scene and director for each student,” Moore explains. “ After roles are cast we begin rehearsals.”

Grant Abbott, a sophomore and previous dinner theater actor, is helping to direct the junior high students this year.

“Its the high-schoolers’ job to help teach the junior high students important acting skills,” Abbott says. “I like to let the kids understand what they are doing and how it is important to their role.”

Ajah Tasker-Moore (pictured above) is a junior high student who is participating in dinner theater this year.

To her dinner theater is a way to make new friends while being able to act out dramas at the same time.

“The directors really help us out with our roles” Ajah said. “They give us notes on our performances and we are able to bond with them over theater.”

Both the directors and actors agree on the friendships they are able to make through dinner theater.

“ My absolute favorite part of dinner theater is being able to have conversations with my students,” Grant says. “ I love to hear about what theater means to them”

KJH Dinner Theater it is performed May 2 in the junior high, with dinner starting at 6.

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