Sports spring into action


With springtime finally entering into full-swing, Kings High School students are preparing for another season of the spring sports: baseball, softball, track, tennis, and lacrosse. Captains from the teams share some info about what goes in to prepare for their seasons.

Maddie DePaoli

M. DePaoli


The Kings Baseball team has started the season off right with a record of 3-0, placing them 21st in the state. The senior baseball players have continued motivating the team the team by giving a all team-work atmosphere, hoping that their season will continue to go well, leading them to the ECC championships.
Junior Kyle Wegman agrees that the team is very stable for this spring season.
“If we keep playing with the talent we have, the season will bring good things to us.” Wegman said.
“I want to boat our rivals to win the conference, but we also want to enjoy the season while we have a chance to.” Wegman said.



The captains of the softball team this season are seniors Kelsey Burke, Abby Nenna, and Abby Rosekrans. The girls play about 30 games until the middle of may and they prepare with conditioning starting twice a week in September leading up to six times a week in February. Conditioning consists of a lot of running and core and leg exercises. When not having matches they’re busy with practices. The offense is very strong this season, but the team would like more playing time, especially to beat their big rival, Little Miami. The girls maintain to look girly with the bows they wear and classic yellow softballs. If you want to see the girls play, make sure to check out their schedule.



Guys Tennis

The captain of the team this season is senior Sean Whitehurst with other seniors Josh Freudenberg, Dawson Taylor, and Tristan Nosek to back him up. The guys have a short season, a little over a month, with the last match on May 9th and tournaments coming afterward.To prepare for the season, the team runs long distance TENNIS DEPAOLIand sprints along with other training that’s intensified this year. Being prepared physically is only half the battle, with great chemistry and working together, the guys make a solid team. Their biggest rival is Loveland and are the biggest challenge for them in the ECC this year. They take them on in the first round of the OHSAA Team State Tournament on April 16th at home. “Tennis is usually an individual’s sport. In high school tennis, we have the unique opportunity to work together as a team and push each other along,” Whitehurst says, “It’s a lot more rewarding to have a team victory instead of winning on your own.” Having such a strong and determined team, their goal of winning the ECC championship shouldn’t be very far fetched.


Guys Lacrosse

The men’s lacrosse team has hopeful chances of success this season. The team currently has a record of 1-1. Leading the team as captains are seniors Logan Leahy, Jack Olds, Chris Burroughs and juniors Sean McCleod and Matthew Heithaus.

FOLEY MENS LAX SPORTS STORY“The captains truly are team leaders and they’re looking to really make the team improve this year.” Said Junior Lacrosse player David Himes.

The lacrosse team has a reputation for dedication passion for their sport, which will be reflected in this spring season.

“Even our coaches say we play really well together and are the most well-rounded and united team they have ever seen.” said Himes.


Girls Lacrosse

The captains of the team this season are seniors Taylor England, Sophia…., Laurelle…, and Becca…The girls lacrosse season starts in February and ends in the middle of May, which depends on how many games they have to play in their tournament. Some conditioning includes long distance running, sprints, burpees, shuffles, and mountain climbers. Mt. Notre Dame and Loveland are big rivals for the girls, but a combination of a fast team and improved skills will hopefully prove an easy defeat. “We have a great this team with awesome potential, but we have to be able to use everyone’s talents and click as a team,” England says. The intense contact sport is always fun to watch, so if you’re looking for action check out one of the girls’ matches.



Baseball photo by Danita Beard.

Knight Times reporter Cassidy Foley contributed to this report

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