Babysitters Club
Class teaches child safety

baby sitting classes Bezmen

Dana Bezman

D. Bezmen

Columbia Elementary is currently offering their after-school Better Babysitters Class once again.

The class is split into four separate lessons for a total of a ten hours. The fifth and sixth graders who signed up for the class learn safety, child development, infant and toddler care, feeding, babysitting professions, first aid and other general information.

Judy Merritt, babysitting class teacher, has been teaching this class for ten years for not only Kings but a variety of schools including Mason and Kettering. She works for a company called Enriching Kidz which lets certified nurses, teachers and specialists help teach classes all over Ohio. Merritt enjoys teaching the class and says,

“My favorite thing about this class is seeing the enthusiasm of the students for learning.”

Columbia offers this class once a year in hopes of getting participants to learn the correct ways to babysit. In order to get an Enriching Kidz employer to come at least eight students need to sign up and this year ten students are participating. At the end of the four session classes the students should know all the proper procedures when taking care of children.

“One of the most rewarding parts is being able to see the kids obtain the correct ways of taking care of kids and having confidence when in charge of younger children,” said Merritt.

This class provided students with advanced tools to help them practice such as EpiPens, CPR dummies and first aid kits. Allowing the fifth and sixth graders to practice on real life tools gives the students a more realistic view on what to do in a crisis situation.

“We give the students the proper tools to practice with in order for them to have complete success,” said Merritt.

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