The Quiet Ones, Transcendence

The Quiet Ones comes in with a whisper, and will leave with one too.

Valerie Hamilton

V. Hamilton

The Quiet Ones is a new horror movie that enters the screen telling a story of a college professor in Oxford named Joseph Coupland (Jared Harrison) who sets out to find a way to disprove the existence of spirits by conducting experiments on a young girl, Jane Harper (Olivia Cooke) who has been sent from foster home to foster home and has been generating strange occurrences all around her. Joseph Copeland and his students who decide to film the event are now faced with the question, is supernatural occurrences real or figment of our imagination?

This movie is not as bad as the plot sounds. It actually has distinct scary parts that will make you jump out of your seat, but mostly they are because of jump scares, which are cheep thrills compared to some movies that get in your head. The acting in this movie is the thing that puts it down as it sometimes verges on cheesy horror movie genre. Another thing that bothered me is that some of the characters are not that likable so you really are not rooting for anyone in particular. I wasn’t very invested in the whole question of the supernatural being real or not, I really just wanted it to get to the part of the scary elements. Nonetheless, it is a fun movie to watch at night because it does get creepy at points.

Knight Times Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Shields


Transcendence will not transcend the years

This movie is about a professor, Will (Johnny Depp) who works as a scientist and discovers that a scientific computer can transcend the universe into a new type of universe, and even restore the past. Will is then killed due to terrorists who are going after him because of his new found discovery. Now Will’s wife, Evelyn Caster (Rebecca Hall), must decide if she wants to restore her husband with the supercomputer and risk the terrorists or leave the past alone?

This movie is not a movie that you should ever see. It is very cheesy and I really don’t feel like it was worth any of my time. It made me cringe to watch to be honest. John Depp is a not a good actor anymore, he doesn’t pick good movies that suit him. I thought the chemistry between the two main characters is awkward, and I really think the plot was confusing and not a movie people will enjoy.
Knight Times Rating: 0.5 out of 5 shields (only because I don’t have a zero-shields graphic!)


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