Teaching can be fun, challenging



Maggie Cunningham

M. Cunningham

Around this time every year, as the seniors pick their college and career paths, many people are still not sure about what their future holds. Teaching is a very popular profession for Kings students, and the district even sees a lot of graduates return for education careers.

Kings alumni Stephanie Riggsby has had her own class at South Lebanon Elementary for two years now, and has learned a lot about her career – and herself.

“I originally got my degree in business, and when I got my first job at the Boys and Girls Club of Cincinnati I knew that my future was working with kids,” Riggsby said. “So I went back to school and got my master’s in education and haven’t regretted my decision since.”

Many people may think of teaching as an “easy” or “fun” job, but Riggsby said that’s not always the case. Teaching can be exhausting.

“When I got hired last year, it was on the first day of school and I felt like I had a really hard time catching up the whole year,” she said. “Making lesson plans, and I was coaching girls soccer and Lacrosse at the high school, so that was also difficult too.”

Since Riggsby has had her own class for two years now she has been able to experience what works with students and how to stay ahead of the game.

“This year I have learned to make lesson plans ahead of time so you can keep up throughout the school year,cunningham2 and to make sure school is a fun experience for my students,” said Riggsby

Riggsby has a lot of advice for others wanting to pursue a teaching career from her past experiences.

“Make sure before you student teach that you visit classrooms of all ages and get the truth from teachers to make sure you are confident that teaching is the right choice for you.”

KHS Junior Brennan Gray is planning to have a future in education because of his love of teaching and working with kids.

“I honestly really want to be able to help kids and make sure that they are valued and appreciated, and I want to make sure that I’m a good teacher that cares about his students,” said Gray.

Along with the many fun and rewarding opportunities teachers have, the job has a lot of responsibility, and that is Gray’s main worry.

“The job has a lot of responsibility involved but teaching is something I really enjoy and something that comes naturally to me and that makes me very excited for what the future of my career hold for me,” he said.

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