Skate Park offers safe haven


Cassidy Charneski

C. Charneski

Landen Park, on Highway 33 in Landen, has always been a place for families to gather and enjoy sporting events. But it also caters to those a bit more outside “the mainstream.”

Recently the city opened Pipeline Skatepark, offering local skater-boarders a safe spot to skate. The park is an alternative to skating on the streets – where skaters risk injuries from cars – or skating in parking lots where they risk being ticketed for trespassing.

Skateboarder and Kings Junior Carter Mott said there are some alternatives for skaters in the area.

“If I didn’t have Landen Park, I would go to South Lebanon skate park,” Mott said. He described some of the pitfalls of street skating. For example, skating in public places like downtown Loveland or Mason involves having to “wax” the sidewalk with a wax that makes it smoother for skaters to skate on.

The wax changes color and you can get into trouble from law enforcement for the destruction of public property. Mott said skateparks help keep kids from street skating.

“I hope it brings kids that skate like me to a place that is nice enough that you can even sit on a bench and do your homework while you skate,” Mott said. “It’s nice being able to skate to the park instead of having to drive to a park further away.”

The Pipeline skatepark includes 3,000 square feet of concrete and 1,640 square feet of landscape. It is open during park hours.

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