IMG_7445Throughout the course of high school, there are many great times, sad times and also embarrassing moments that can sometimes be the best memories. The class of 2014 has compiled a list of some of the confessions of high school that they will never forget:

Matthew Sannella: I don’t actually go to the doctor every time I’m sick.

Anna Murray: I was absent a lot, but was never actually sick.

Jacob Oldham: I never did homework at home.

Collin Cooper: Everyday at track practice my senior year i scammed my way out of it.

Jacob Wires: Everyday Junior year during Wheeler’s paper, Kallan, Jared and I played basketball in the gym instead of working on our paper. 

Lefty Fowler: We made Jacob Beard eat a lot of dog treats. That’s why we call him Dirty Bone.

Claire Curtis: I never read a full book that was given to me by a teacher.

Tyler Newdigate: I got a tattoo with Mrs. Stufft.

Jacob Beard: I cheated a lot.
Bo Firstenberger: I can’t wait to leave.
Pedro Garcia: I probably didn’t work as hard as people think I did.
Kris Hacker: I copied all of my physics homework.
Sam Kasuga: I honestly was done with high school my freshman year.
John McMullen: My worst fear about high school and college is doubt.
Avery Drake: Take high school more seriously.
Andrew Lake: I am as lazy as anyone on the cross country and track tea. I walk and swim during most practices.
Kylee Hensley: High school sucks.
Luke Glinschinski: I cheat on all my homework.
Arden Jestice: It’s top secret.
Darcy Kircher:I’ve copied way too much homework.
Emma Martin: I have had a lot of “doctors appointments” senior year.
Devin Lawhon: I roam the hallways all the time.
Stephanie Fadayel: I never did my physics homework.
Allison Hoyle: I copied every single packet for Mr. Wright’s class.
Gretchen Ingling: Homework was found online whenever possible.
Hannah Reckman:You really never have to read a book in class. Save your time to enjoy this time and live each day to the fullest.
McCaulley Longwell: I never did anatomy homework, except coloring.
Joy Ficke:I take 20 napkins everyday at lunch just in case.
Max Cunningham: I didn’t have that much fun.
Cara Thomas: We broke the shower on the NYC trip.
Miranda Anderson: Sam Huber, I love you.
Olivia Wright: Me and Sean Whitehurst have been dating the whole time.
Ethan Clark: High school was a lot harder than you think
Ashlee Roberts: I helped my friend cheat in honors anatomy.
Abby Groome: Tori Lake and I would lie to our bus driver that we were sisters so we could get off at the same stop.
Alyssa Young: I rarely study or do my homework.
Chelsie Waggoner: I wanted to be friends with alot of people, but I was too shy to talk to them.
Emily Barnes: Whenever my classes would have a sub, everyone would switch seats.
Chris Carlin: Cheating is a lot easier than most think.
Colleen Wacks: I slept for 4 bells freshman year on Mr. Bauman’s floor.
Shelby Lee:I have never done my homework for Mrs. Shipper’s class.
Ben Herbert: My friends and I sneaked into school and played basketball at midnight.
Katlyn Horner: I parked in visitors almost everyday.
Sophia Moriarty: I was the one who took the tape off.
Maddie Kuhn: I faked an injury and copied homework from online.
Anna Ventre: I left a coffee in a random locker for a year.
Jon Buckel: I hate math.
Rachel Lake: Instead of listening in math, i look on pinterest.
Victoria Lake: When i asked to go to the bathroom, I never actually went.
Renee Saavedra: I didn’t go to my first community service meeting.
Emily Wolf: One time Mrs. Goldie accidently stapled the answer key to my test and I got a 100%.
Jamie Tutor: I ate food in Coleman’s class everyday.
Haley Clutter: In Mrs. Atchison’s class we would make owl noise and act like there was a bird in the class.
Kate Etter: I have never had a boyfriend. Opps.
Claire Fonner: I know 3 ways to sneak on to the roof.
Brian Carter: I have gone to the bathroom several times to just read the writing on the walls.
Justin Wade: I have probably done a total of 20 hours of homework throughout my high school career.
Blake Hill: Project Blake would’ve been dope.
Taelor McCarthy: I copied off every test in AP psychology and I ended up getting a 1 on the AP exam.
Alicia Krynock: I didn’t actually study/take notes in AP psych ever.
Kelsy Burke: Whenever I had a hard test I would skip school or go to the nurse.
Katelyn Smithberger: I left all the time in 5th bell to get coffee.
Robby Frye: I cheated on one of the stats tests.

by Maggie Cunningham

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