Favorite Memory


As the 2014 school year comes to a close, the seniors look back and reminisce on their times in High School. There have been good times and bad but when asked “What is your favorite memory from high school?” one thing comes to mind for each student.

Pedro Garcia: When the business classes of Mr. Robinson took a field trip to New York and Philadelphia

Kris Hacker: Answering the game-saving question for quiz team on Senior Night against Turpin.

Sam Kasuga: During my time, the band won 3 MSBA Grand Championships in 4 years. 
Kelly Sudbrack: Cheering on our state bound Knights in football
John McMullen: Being a part of “A Christmas Carol”
Luke Glischinski: KBB, football games, pep rallies, and APUSH
Avery Drake: My whole senior year
Kylee Hensley: Football games and Prom
Andrew Lake: When I went to State for cross country
Becca Kraeutle: Going to New York City and getting asked to homecoming in the middle of class
Cara Thomas: Football games, pep rallies, and spending time with 2014 in general
Max Cunningham: Nicholas Fantini
Joy Ficke: Getting my Driver’s License
Emily Orr: Doing crew for Dracula freshman year, my speech class, and Mrs. Wheeler’s Woman in Lit. Class
McCaulley Longwell: Rockin’ and Rollin’ pep rallies
Hannah Reckman: Beating out the seniors when we were underclassmen at pep rallies and being the closest and most spirited class
Matt “Lefty” Fowler: National ride your bike to school day
Claire Curtis: Trying to send Alex Ward to the third floor pool and eating lunchables in first bell during Wheeler’s class
Jacob Beard: Justin Byrd getting kicked out of the pep rally junior year
Matthew Sanella: Making the playoffs senior year
Anna Murray: Monster Mash and Mr. Tilton at pep rallies
Jacob Oldham: Being with friends
Collin Cooper: Drifting in the school parking lot and longboarding during track practice
Bo Firstenberger: Probably the day I graduate
Tyler Patterson: Having great times in Mr. Holtrey’s class
Jeffrey Martin: Lunch table: Brian Carter, Pierson D’Enbeau, Paul Phil, Stephen Van Osdell, “taco” Smith, and myself
Jennifer Niemantsverdriet: Performing a scene from Romeo and Juliet with Shannon Saluga, Lora Vonderhaar, and Abby Nenna.
Devin Lawhon: Spirit week is cool I guess
Arden Jestice: Having Wheeler and being funny/smart butt with her
Emma Martin: Having Olivia’s character kill my character in Into the Wood’s
Darcy Kircher: Volleyball games
Stephanie Fadayel: Prom
Allison Hoyle: Young Life camp to Saranac, New York
Jacob Wires: Every activity we’ve done as a school or as a class (redo days, pep rallies dress up days, and KFC)
Gretchen Ingling: Every soccer season and football games
Sydney Zinser: Winning the pep rally sophomore year, which was the start of 2014 running this and making it to sectional finals my freshman year in soccer
Victoria Rainey: Meeting Sydney Zinser and not trying in physics together
Emily Wolf: The very first football game of senior year at Lebanon. It was the first time I felt like the seniors were united as a class.
Jamie Tudor: Winning the pep rally sophomore year
Alex Thomas: Making the Thrift Shop music video with T-Nose
Alex Allee: The football games and going to state in swimming
Kristen Sevier: Going to State freshman year in cross country
Taylor Jenkins: When we had a sub for Mr. Woodall and we watched cat videos on YouTube
Robby Frye: All of the memories I had during my 4 years playing soccer at Kings and also when I went with my friends to teepee houses the summer of sophomore year
Adam Hunt: Playing rec basketball junior year with the squad
Matt James: Doing something goofy and dumb everyday
Katelyn Smithberger: Beating the seniors at our pep rally our sophomore year
Jackson Schueler: Swimming in the parking lot
Alicia Krynock: Running on the frozen Landen Lake
Jeremy Vandever: Prom of junior year
Stacey Stuart: Bowling a 230 against Glen Este my senior year
Taylor Hamlin: First day of freshman year because everything was new
Colin Ellison: My favorite memory is when a lady chased me all the way to school because I cut her off and yelled at her
Garrett Irwin: Being in the halls more than class
Caleb Deehan: Going to ATF
Callie Hill: The first moment of walking into the high school my freshman year
Taelor McCarthy: Senior year. You get your last hoorah of everything. Last pep rally, last football game…make the most of it
Blake Hill: Hanging out at Bennett Herbert’s with all my close friends
Courtney Kelleher: 2014 always winning the pep rallies
Zachary Guerriero: AIA sophomore year of high school soccer
Justin Wade: Going to the Media Center everyday during study hall
Brian Carter: When Jim Brant put me in the 4×100 meter dash and after I ran it I said “Joke’s on you, I enjoyed it.”
Samuel Parrott: Me and Collin Cooper went to Kroger during an away track meet, quite an adventure
Allison Herndon: Community Service Day- SO much fun!
Emma Belanger: That time that deer went through the window, like that’s so rude. Who does that?
Casey Ryan Walking on a frozen Landen Lake at sunset with Matt Tracy and Alicia Krynock
Stephanie Bennett: My senior show, “Crazy for You”
Kate Etter: Swimming at the state swim meet junior year where I finaled and got 16th in the 50 free
Olivia Wright: Sophomore year- “Plaza Suite”
Miranda Anderson: Music Mania this year, seeing months of hard work and planning play out was the best feeling
Nadia Bayyari: Coming together as one during pep rallies to beat the upperclassmen when we were sophomores
Renee Saavedra: Having so many snow days senior year
Victoria Lake: Winning ECC championship in volleyball senior year
Rayne Schmidt: Beating the seniors sophomore year at the pep rally
Rachel Lake: Sophomore year homecoming pep rally
Jon Buckel: First day I drove my own car to school
Adrienne VanBenschoten: Football games
Kallan Harshbarger: Singing “I’m Yours” in the world choir games in 2012
Michael Ovington: Senior Spring Break- Siesta was amazing and living with your friends is a crazy experience
Anna Ventre: As sophomores we won the pep rally
Maddie Kuhn: Going to all the football games and the New York trip
Russ Lawson: Winning my first varsity wrestling match freshman year
Sophia Moriarty: Getting out of most of my exams at the end of each year was really nice
Katlyn Horner: The concerts that we went to were a lot of fun and were very memorable
Ben Herbert: My senior night on the basketball team. We won the conference that night and it was a great way to close my career
Ryan Maguire: Football games
Shelby Lee: The days we came together and did things (pep rallies, redo day, spirit week)
Colleen Wacks: Junior homecoming. By far the best dance all 4 years
Abigail Rosekrans: Prom 2014, football games freshman year, honors spanish 3 class 2011-2012 5th bell, AB calc 5th bell
Joy Ficke: Finishing AP tests for the last time ever
Chris Carlin: Sophomore year football playoffs vs. Trotwood
Audrey Farber: Basketball games
Emily Barnes: All the pep rallies, no other school goes full out like Kings High School does. Seeing Mr. Tilton in his cheerleading outfit was the best.
Kristen Yonkotski: Prom 2014
Grant Holt: Creative Writing my junior year
Chelsie Waggoner: Performing with the orchestra when Ms. Southern’s husband sat on something back stage and it fell in the middle of our concert and only people on the left could see him
Alyssa Young: Senior Prom, football games, and dancing at basketball games
Ashlee Roberts: Friday night football games, especially homecoming
Josh Woody: Beating Mason in basketball my junior year
Ethan Clark: Prom junior year
Paige Schlosser: Lauren Lalli, Shannon Hart, and I made 50 copies of Grant Brauer”s senior picture and convinced teachers to hang them in their rooms calling it “Grant Brauer”s appreciation day”


by Carley Stelmack

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