What does the future hold?


“Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?” This was one of the many questions The Knight Times posed to the Class of 2014 on our annual senior survey. An overwhelming majority of this year’s seniors simply stated that they will be either graduating college, pursuing a masters degree, or in search of a job. Many of those are included below.

Pedro A. Garcia: Graduated from college and working for a business while living in Europe.

Kris Hacker: In South Carolina, engineering things.

Sam Kasuga: Working for a company in the IT field.

John McMullen: Wherever I am needed.
Avery Drake: Being a police officer.
Kylee Hensley: A graduate of Eastern Florida State, being a nurse.
Andrew Lake: Graduating from Wright State and becoming a mechanical engineer.
Becca Kraeutle: Right out of college, travelling.
Gretchen Ingling: Studying pharmacy in the UK pharmacy school.
Arden Jestice: In the Army Active Duty
Darcy Kirtcher: Physical Therapy school
Emma Martin: Getting a Masters degree in Music Therapy
Jeffrey Martin: Making movies.
Tyler Patterson: Working as an R.N. in a doctor’s office.
Robby Frye: With a job doing accounting and coaching soccer.
Kristen Sevier: Being a nurse at a hospital and traveling the world while training for a marathon.
Paige Schlosser: Graduated from school and making films for a nonprofit organization, if that doesn’t work out… sheep-herding in New Zealand.
Jamie Tudor: working in interior design and living in South Carolina
Alex Thomas: working at some sort of graphic design firm
Claire Curtis: Hopefully learning how to become an FBI agent
Jackson Schuler: With a glorious beard
Alicia Krynock: Writing my little heart out in a teensy apartment in a massive city
Samuel Parrett: San Francisco internship for a videogame or internet/electronic business
Allison Herndon:fulfilling my residency at a children’s hospital in Toledo. Hopefully getting ready to move to Africa and help children for a year.
Emma Belanger: married to Zac Efron, Logan Lerman, Josh Hutcherson, or that one guy I saw on a college visit who had a nice face.
Kate Etter: I want to have been to Australia
Ryan Maguire: Making money, traveling
Shelby Lee: Studying to become a neurosurgeon
Ashlee Roberts: A first grade teacher or graduate school in veterinary science.
Jacob Wires: Leading Young Life, and starting to work in a school as a councillor or an English teacher
Miranda Anderson: Married, graduating with a masters in English Ed., with a child or two.
Jon Buckel: In school very broke or in my first job still very broke
Casey Ryan: In medical school. Yay.
Claire Sichterman: Beginning a career building robot prosthetics and travelling the world.
Olivia Wright: Hopefully on Broadway, probably waiting tables, definitely in New York
Max Cunningham: First man to walk on the sun
Lefty Fowler: Travelling the world with my international business degree or in the league. No days off.
Tyler Newdigate: hopefully doing well with music.

by Olivia Wright

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