What will you miss most?


As the school year comes to an end, many seniors will be coming upon the bittersweet day of graduation. While excited to move on to college and bigger and better things, they will still miss things about Kings High School that college can never replace. Here are some of the seniors’ responses to what they will miss most:

Miranda Anderson: The english teachers and being exposed to classic literature all the time.
Casey Ryan: The teachers and marching band
Matthew Wagner: Seeing my peeps
Jackson Schueler: The community of friends. you can walk in a class knowing no one and by the end of the year your great friends with everyone
Emma Belanger: My popularity
Allison Herdon: My favorite english teachers. they are my rocks.
Alicia Krynock: Marching band
Jennifer Niemantsverdriet: Band people
Samuel Parret: The ability to give barely anything and succeed
Claire Sichterman: My friends, siblings and my teachers
Stephanie Bennett:My friends from all the activities i’ve done
Brian Carter: All of my friends
Olivia Wright:Living with my mom
Kate Etter:listening to music in my car to and from school and seeing my parents everyday
Claire Fonner: Stephanie Bennett
Katelyn Smithberger- Being able to grow up with the same people i went to high school with and being able to enjoy each other and have fun.
Nadia Bayyari- the teachers and the easy school work
Gretchen Ingling- seeing my friends everyday and being around such awesome people
Emma Martin-easy classes and not having to study my butt off
Jacob Wires- the community
Allison Hoyle- seeing my friends everyday
Stephanie Fadayel-seeing my friends everyday
Darcy Kircher-seeing my friends everyday
Arden Jestice- my relationship with some of my teachers
Devin Lawhon-people, socializing
Joy Ficke- the sense of community
Claire Curtis- being able to see my friends all the time and skip band every once and a while
Matt Lefty Fowler-seeing everyone on a daily basis
Hannah Reckman- coming home to home cooked meals and back scratches from my mom
McCaulley Longwell- riding the stufft bus with my #stufftnation family
Matt James- seeing all my friends and other gooney kids everyday
Kristen Sevier- seeing my friends and teachers/ coaches everyday and making family
Tyler Patterson- my friends i wont be able to see often after high school
Taylor Jenkins- seeing my friends everyday
Cara Thomas- the wonderful, unique community kings is
Tyler Newdigate- teachers
Emily Orr- My favorite teachers and outstanding facility
Max Cunningham- Certainly not the prison like atmosphere
Andrew Lake- The friends and teachers i have met in my 4 years of high school
John McMullen- The teen angst that lead me to spend most nights doing nothing. I will miss the freedom of not having serious responsibilities
Jacob Oldham- seeing the same people
Kris Hacker- Quiz team snack
Becca Kraeutle-Lacrosse and Friday night football games
Kelly Sudbrack- the sense of pride at KHS
Pedro Garcia- seeing all my friends everyday
Maddie Kuhn- All my friends that I’ve grown up with
Sophia Moriarty- the easy classes where the teachers basically spoon feed you the information
Ryan Maguire- friends
Shelby Lee- seeing all my friends everyday
Renee Saavedra- easy classes and seeing everyone everyday
Victoria Lake- seeing all my friends everyday and playing volleyball
Rachel Lake- seeing my friends everyday
Abby Groome- Knowing everyone and being close with my teachers
Ashlee Roberts- the people and the freedom you’re given
Josh Woody- seeing friends everyday and playing sport competitively
Ethan Clark- the fun teachers
Luke Glischinski- seeing friends everyday and KBB
Kylee Hensley- my friends and teachers
Kelly Sudbrack- the sense of pride at KHS
Sam Kasuga-all of the friendships that i’ve made all 4 years
Pedro Garcia- seeing all my friends everyday
Anna Ventre- all of my friends and the community 2014 has
Adrienne Vanbenschoten- friends
Kallan Harshbarger- seeing all the familiar faces that i’ve known and been friends with since we were small
Michael Ovington-my friends that still have 1 or 2 years left or my senior friends going other ways
Alex Allee- football games and seeing everyone i’ve known for the last 12 years
Alex Thomas- seeing friends everyday
Haley Clutter-having the easy life and not having to worry about adult stuff
Jamie Tudor- easy classes and not having so many responsibilities
Victoria Rainy-seeing all my friends
Emily Wolf- the familiarity of it. i’ve done the same thing everyday for 4 years and now its going to change
Chelsie Waggoner-having my friends around and seeing similar faces all the time
Grant Holt-the people who taught me and helped me become the young man i am and whose teachings will stay with me for the rest of the life
Kristen Yonkofski- waking up at 6 in the morning
Audrey Faber- the sense of community
Joy Ficke- knowing everybody and the sense of community
Russ Lawson- not having any responsibilities
Katlyn Horner- living with my parents and not having to pay rents
Ethan Clark- Fun teachers
Paige Schlosser-the support kings gives, i feel like overall most teachers and administration genuinely care about my success and me in general which is special
Karrie Trannguyen- how close everyone is because college has so many people, we wont have that
Abby Nenna- all of my friends and teachers
Colleen Wacks-the relationship i have formed with teachers and peers. i will truly miss what they have taught me and im glad i got to know them
Chris Carlin- the people
Emily Barnes- Seeing all of my friends
Alyssa Young- so many people here that care about us. i’m not ready to be a little fish in a big pond
Abigail Rosekrans- the teachers and sports/clubs
Jacob Beard- being able to scam assingments
Colin Cooper- getting away with everything. scamming like a boss
Anna Murray- the people of course


by Amanda Bledsoe

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