Those ‘awkward’ moments
IMG_7446Everyone has a lot of memories from high school – including the good, bad, and the downright embarrassing. Kings High School seniors have a few stories to share.

Jackson Schueler: When I boxed in my green lanterns and pictures were taken
Alicia Krynock: Nothing. I don’t make mistakes
Jennifer Niemantsverdriet: As a senior, I had to ask where the principal’s office was because I’d never been there
Jeffrey Martin: Any time my laugh reaches Mickey Mouse levels
Casey Ryan: I have too many to count, but nobody ever notices when something embarrassing happens
Matthew Wagner: Tripping up the stairs
Samuel Parrett: My entire existence as a freshman
Allison Herndon: Tripping over every step in the school including the stairs
Emma Belanger: One time Paige and I played doubles in tennis against a team that ,instead of drinking water, they drank Big Gulps from 7-11 and we almost lost
Miranda Anderson: My voice cracking while singing the national anthem at the Little Miami vs. Kings basketball game
Brian Carter: When I tripped up the stairs my first week of freshman year
Olivia Wright: When I bumped my finger and it made me pass out
Kate Etter: I don’t get embarrassed
Claire Fonner: All of high school
Caleb Deehan: I know no shame
Avery Drake: Reading like Billy Madison in english
Bennett Herbert: At my Nation Honors Society introduction, my candle holder caught on fire and I had to stomp it out in front of a filled auditorium
Katelyn Smithberger: Falling up the stairs… twice at one time
Nadia Bayyari: Falling and whipping out down the stairs
Gretchen Ingling: I had to learn how to change a flat tire with my mom and brother in the school parking lot
Emma Martin: Probably puking in the hallway sophomore year
Jacob Wires: Wearing pajamas to school every day 9th/10th grade (sorry dawson)
Allison Hoyle: When Hestle threatened to give me the Hestle Smackdown
Stephanie Fadayel: Tripping up and down the stairs
Darcy Kircher: Falling in the parking lot my first day of freshman year
Abby Groome: Peeing my pants during a track race, or falling down the stairs
Ashlee Robens: I was the only one in my junior english class who didn’t have red on and we did the harlem shake and I looked like a loser who hates school but in reality I don’t. I really do have school spirit
Ethan Clark: when I fell in the school parking lot
Anna Ventre: When I fell down the stairs
Michael Ovington: Getting in a fight with my best friend Matt James
Kallan Harshbarger: Jared Williams and I wore dresses to school sophomore year
Adrienne Vanbenschoten: Tripping up the stairs
Jeremy Vandever: Tripping on the football field over my feet
Devin Lawhon: I got really sick and threw up in the bathroom. That sucked.
Arden Jestice: When a lady followed my friend and I to the school and told the principals we cussed her out
Cara Thomas: Tripping up the stairs constantly
Tyler Newdigate: Telling people that I go to Kings
Emily Orr: I have too many. But we all trip up the stupid stairs
Max Cunningham: Watching Nicholas Fantini in the hallway and realizing that he’s my friend
Andrew Lake: When I went to english class and didn’t do a presentation so I totally winged the entire performance with Devin Lawhon and Jeremy Vandever
Taelor McCarthy: Whipping out on the stairs freshman year and watching my books fall down the whole flight of stairs
Colin Ellison: I haven’t embarrassed myself at all.
Victoria Lake: Falling down the stairs first day of freshman year
Rachel Lake: Freshman year my mom wouldn’t let me get a haircut so I cut it myself. I went to school the next day with one half of my hair to my shoulders and the other half almost to my belly button
Taylor Jenkins: Tripping up the stairs
Kristen Sevier: Getting ready to go on the elevator and walking in on a couple making out
Robby Frye: Fell up the stairs sophomore year
Matt James: Getting pantsed multiple times at sporting events
Hannah Reckman: Getting caught skipping first bell and eating at Bob Evans. The school actually called Bob Evans and told me to come back
Matt “Lefty” Fowler: I failed my AP test. Lol.
Claire Curtis: Getting bit by my friend and having to talk to Corradini
Joy Ficke: I went to all the wrong classes my first day of high school
Kelly Sudbrack: Falling down the stairs freshman year
Pedro Garcia: When there was a spider on my back and I took off my shirt
Becca Kraeutle: Entire freshman year
Jacob Oldham: I fell up the stairs sophomore year
Collin Cooper: The moment people found out I’m friends with Nick Fantini
Kylee Hensley: Falling down the stairs
Matthew Sanella: Laughing on stage at the NHS ceremony
Anna Murray: Tripping on crutches approximately 500 times
Luke Glischinski: Pre game ritual at football
Bo Firstenberger: Pooping in the girls bathroom and not realizing until aftwerwards
Jacob Beard: Cargos freshman year
Maddie Kuhn: I’m just an embarrassing person in general
Renee Saavedra: Crying freshman year, then getting my phone taken away for texting my mom
Shelby Lee: Falling up the stairs in front of everyone the second day of sophomore year
Sophia Moriarty: A couple times I’ve worn my shirt backwards
Russ Lawson: When I knocked out my front tooth pole vaulting junior year
Katlyn Horner: When I tripped in front of Carrie Walsh on national television and had to go to first aid
Zachary Guerriero: When Mrs. Atchinson heard me tell a racist joke to a black friend
Rayne Schmidt: Tripping up the stairs
Blake Hill: Multiple moments when I speak without thinking
Jon Buckel: Coming out of the bathroom soaking wet from water wars.


by Maddie DePaoli

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