Winners Walk Tall


Reagan Heck

R. Heck

For the past four years, National Honors Society members have been encouraging the elementary kids to heighten their character and develop into well rounded adults.

Every Wednesday in October, National Honors Society members visit J.F. Burns and Kings Mills Elementary to teach the students about the importance of strengthening their character and learning valuable life skills such as time management and accountability.

The students participate in several different lessons and activities over the course of the month, interacting with various high schoolers.

Gina Grosso is a senior at Kings and an active member of National Honors Society. She looks forward to attending the schools every week because each experience is different and unique.

“My favorite part is interacting with the kids and listening to the creative answers they come up with,” Grosso said. “The classroom can get loud and crazy, but the kids always listen to us and settle down if we need them to.”

Elisa King is the head coordinator of National Honors Society, organizing all the events and activities that the National Honors Society members complete throughout the year.

The children as well as the high schoolers enjoy the event, but also is beneficial for both the young and older kids.

“For the elementary kids it helps to build character and to teach them lessons,” King said. “For the high school kids, teaching a class for forty five minutes a week allows the high schoolers to have a greater appreciation for what their teachers do every day.”

Winners Walk Tall is a wonderful program that teaches every student valuable life lessons, and how to be proud of who they are.

“It’s really just character education. That’s the main thing,” King said.

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