Tray stackers save cash

trays2 bezmen

Dana Bezman

D. Bezmen

Last year, Steve Waldman, Kings Business Manager and Director of recycling, challenged the Engineering II class to come up with a solution to reducing the volume of trash during lunches.

For nearly five weeks at the end of last school a group of students came up with a simple solution that will save the district over $15,000 a year.

The final product called “The Tray Stacker” will help reduce the volume of trash by 88%. Instead of having scattered trash, the trays stack neatly on top of each other.

“The first step was coming up with a prototype then creating the prototype which was the hardest part and took us about three weeks,” says Ryan Dilts, junior and engineering student.

“Developing the actual product was difficult because we kept overcomplicating it but it turned out to be a simple solution. Then we worked assembly line style once the design and measurements were figured out,” said Dilts.

The Tray Stacker was one of the engineerings class most valuable projects. Jason Shields, engineering teacher, is proud of the students for constructing a helpful product.

“The students worked hard and in the end developed a product that the whole district will benefit from,” explains Shields.

However, this year the engineering class has another big project on their hands. Shields hopes to design a solar hot water system for the maintenance field by the baseball fields this year.

Marysa Addis, KHS Senior enrolled in the engineering class, has another favorite project that they’re working on: the hydraulic arm. This arm has the ability to pick up soda cans and adjust to different heights.

“It’s a really challenging project and requires a lot of detailed thought but has a big reward,” tells Addis.

Along with fun projects dual enrollment is also offered through engineering classes.

The Dual Enrollment Program allows students to take certain classes that also give up to five hours of credit to any of Ohio’s public colleges or universities. Only certain Kings courses offer these college credit hours.

All dual enrollment courses offered at Kings are considered “TAG” courses, which are just courses regulated by the Ohio Board of Regents that require specific instructions and material.

In order for TAG classes to work, both students and teachers must meet certain requirements. Teachers must have a masters degree in the subject they are teaching, and they also need to be pre-approved by the college for which the credit hours apply.

The curriculum of these dual enrollment classes is a little different from the average high school course, they’re similar to Advanced Placement classes.

This allows students to get a feel for college classes and get a head start on earning college credit while still in high school.

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