Sleigh bells in the works

sleigh bells parton

Billy Parton

B. Parton

The holiday season for giving is fast approaching, and thanks to Picture This, the usual donations of undersized clothes and dated soup cans can be tossed to wayside.

Picture This, an art studio located in Lebanon, holds a silent auction for sleigh bells decorated in various styles and mediums. The sleigh bells are donated to the studio by students of KHS and Lebanon HS as well as local artists and ordinary people doing their part.

The KHS Art Club, led by Angie Guilfoyle, has adorned bells for the auction for the past seven years. Guilfoyle explains how she learned of Picture This and the auction:

“I actually used to work at Picture This in the summers before I had my girls and personally participated in the Sleigh Bell Auction,” said Guilfoyle.

Jordan Cheatham, a sophomore member of Art Club, finds great value in the impact this program has on the community

“Its fun to put your effort and time into something thats helping other people,” said Cheatham.

Last year, the thirty bells donated by KHS raised over $700 for the beneficiary. Around 200 bells are donated annually featuring a wide variety of holiday themes and subjects. Although the minimum bid for a custom sleigh bell is $15 some reach bids of $200.

The bells will be displayed during the first week in December and the silent auction will be held at Picture This, across from the Golden Lamb, on Friday, Dec. 5 (6:30-9) and Saturday, Dec. 6 during the Carriage Christmas Festival.

The beneficiary of the action is Bridge Riding for the Disabled, a program dedicated to overcoming the obstacles of riding and the ailments that its participants endure.

The program helps its members to gain a new sense of freedom through riding and has been going for 26 years strong.

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