Military a calling for KHS siblings


Emily Conway

E. Conway

The West Point Military Academy has several ties with Kings High School this year, including three Kings alumni from the Class of 2014.

While all West Point students have unique background stories, Logan Leahy’s is particularly interesting, sharing a common goal of attending the Academy with his sister Sam, who is currently a senior at Kings.

After several trips to the Naval Academy over the course of their high school careers, the Leahys’ interest in attending West Point peaked.

Logan (above, left) began attending the West Point Lacrosse Camp his freshman year of high school, ultimately pushing him towards enrollment. Inspired by Logan, Sam (above, right) then attended the Naval Academy Summer Seminar. Her mind became set on the Naval Academy, a combination of hearing about Logan’s experiences and doing more of her own research.

“Sam and I have gotten a lot closer since I left, and it would really nice to have my sister here,” Logan says.

Sam has already submitted her applications to both the Naval Academy and West Point. She is still unsure of which she will attend, but finds herself leaning toward West Point.

“I want to be a physician in the army,” Sam said. “West Point has a very good PreMed program, but I am also interested in their Spanish/Latin American Studies program as a double major.”

Logan’s goals are slightly different, pursuing a career in other fields of science and mathematics.

“My goal is to branch Engineers, and possibly be a combat engineer, otherwise known as a SAPPER,” told Logan.

Surprisingly, there is limited military history in the Leahy family.

“Our grandma was a nurse on a ship during WWII, and that’s where she met our grandpa. Other than that, we don’t have any other family history,” says Sam.

Regardless, the Leahy’s parents, Wendy and Patrick, are extremely supportive of their children’s decisions to attend Service Academies.

“I felt very proud when Logan told us he was interested in applying for West Point,” Wendy said. “I was happy that Logan knew exactly what he wanted to do. There was really no other choice for him. Patrick and I fully supported his decision.”

Logan is enjoying school so far, and is excited that his sister may also attend.

“Sam’s interest in West Point is great! I want the decision to be her own though. She has the potential to do great things here and in the Army.”

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