From the KHS auditorium to the world


Reagan Heck

R. Heck

Just a few years ago, Kings residents who wished to attend Sunday services at Rivers Crossing Church found themselves gathering in a rather unusual location.

A small congregation at the time, and without its own place to call home, Rivers Crossing held mass in the auditorium of Kings High School.

But now, the Church is one of the largest in Greater Cincinnati, with hundreds of member families, a slew of outreach and community youth programs for learning and charitable giving, and a new home in the large former movie theater on Kings Island Drive just a few blocks from the high school.

“Establishing a permanent presence in the community in the former Rave Cinemas has allowed us to grow in attendance and regional influence,” said Pastor Paul Taylor (above), a Kings resident whose daughter, Alex, is a student at the high school.

The church has also embraced a modern ministry with a global reach. It runs its own website, boasts nearly 1,500 Facebook followers, and even offers pod-casts visitors can listen to on a variety of topics such as marriage, outreach efforts and the Gospels.

Throughout the journey of Rivers Crossing and the expansion of the church, Taylor claims that God has made everything possible. “We believed in the vision and mission of the church and really prayed that God would establish His kingdom through Rivers Crossing,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the decision to relocate has helped the church grow from its humble beginnings.

“Establishing a permanent presence in the community in the former Rave Cinemas has allowed us to grow in attendance and regional influence,” he said.

Rivers Crossing prides itself on acceptance. Everyone, no matter what their beliefs, is welcome to come together and be united.

“Our focus on balance and creating an environment where non-believers, new-believers, and fully engaged followers of Christ can all sit in the same room and be engaged with Jesus is unique,” Taylor said. “Our goal is to continue to create an atmosphere where people can connect with Christ.”

It is this atmosphere that draws many Kings students and their families to the church.

Sophie Jostworth, a junior at Kings, said she attends Rivers Crossing every Sunday and is always amazed by how much the messages speak to her and her beliefs.



“Pastor Paul is such a strong speaker that he makes a lot of the services memorable,” she said.

She said that through the songs and the way the services are run, children as well as adults enjoy going to church.

“My favorite part is the environment and worship. I love the worship music. Everyone singing together in praise is amazing,” Jostworth said. “It’s given me a new insight on my faith. It’s shown me that I don’t have to live up to certain standards or obey particular rules to follow Christ. I just live by the Bible and try to express my faith in everyday life.”

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