Holiday Memories
Those magical gifts


Billy Parton

B. Parton

Tis’ the season of giving, but it’s all about the receiving. The Christmas lists we made as children have been long gone, but memories of the gifts at the top of those lists can still stir emotions.

As children, nothing was more exciting than waking up on Christmas morning and unwrapping the biggest present first. The Knight Times wants to know, what was your favorite gift received during the holiday season?

For KHS instructor KC Fread, that gift was the Go-Kart given to him when he was in just fifth grade. Surprisingly, his parents never took the vehicle away.

“They loved it as much as I did,” states Fread. “It kept me out of their hair.”



Cassidy Charneski, a senior, received her prized Penny Board just last year. A Penny, in short, isCASS HEADSHOT a miniature skateboard that Charneski uses to cruise around with her friends. Despite the weather she still uses her Penny almost every day.




LOGAN HAKES HEADSHOTA 12-gauge shotgun seems the perfect gift for an experienced hunter, or eight-year-old Logan Hakes. Hakes’ father awarded his son with the firearm as a coming of age present. Almost two years later to the day, Hakes used his gift to claim his first deer at age 10.





Science teacher Richard Krepps obtained a lasting present at age fourteen, a massive boombox with a built in TV screen. Although the television was tiny and black-and-white, the gift from his mother was remarkable enough for Krepps to keep all the way through college.




KALEE HEADSHOTKHS junior Kalee Adkins had all her dreams come true a few Christmases ago when she received her puppy, Max. A gift from her grandma, Maxine, the puppy went from sweet to sour quickly resulting in her own demise.

“She attacked everyone but me, as far as my family was concerned that puppy was the devil,” said Adkins.


Moving on …


Alex Garvin, KHS alumn and teacher, obtained his most prized  Christmas gift at age 18.garvin

“My family wasn’t really into giving lots of gifts for Christmas, it was more about the spirit,” explains Garvin.

The gift was a new set of golf clubs — well,  “new” to Garvin. The set had belonged to his father who had been gifted his own brand-new set of clubs. Garvin still appreciated his second-hand present and still uses the clubs on every outing.


Kings students are about to make some memories of their own over the next two weeks. May they be good ones.

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