Gambill becomes a Mountain Lion

nathan Signing

Kings High School seniors anxiously anticipate college acceptance letters

Kayleigh Johnson

K. Johnson

hoping to get into the college of their dreams.

Nathan Gambill, a senior, has taken a leap by going from high school baseball to signing with the Concord University Mountain Lions. Standing at 6’2 and 200lbs and with outstanding athletic ability, Nathan hit .454 with 30 hits and nine home runs this past summer.

Kings new Athletic Director, Tyler Miller, says that Nathan “will find a great deal of success at Concord.” 

“He fits their mold as a player and he has two great coaches here at Kings as resources for how to succeed there,” Miller said. “Coach McClung (pictured above, left) and Coach Fread (pictured right) both attended Concord so they will be valuable to him. Nathan is a player with an extremely high concwork ethic and I know he will carry that same intensity to Concord.”

Coach Kevin McClung says he hopes “to see Nathan enjoy his college experience as much as I did.”

“I am looking forward to seeing Nathan grow as a player and as an individual and graduate from Concord,” McClung said. “I knew Nathan was always a pretty good player, but I really noticed in the last two years that he had the potential to play at the next level. He has grown a lot and he passes the eye test as college coaches are looking for recruits … His work ethic and dedication has helped him a lot as he has developed into a pretty good player.”

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