‘UKnights’ helps 178 Kings kids


As Kings students left school for winter break last month, their work was over for the next

Kylie Benning

K. Benning

two weeks.

But for the people who organize KingsUKnights, the work was just beginning.

KingUKnights’ mission is to help struggling families in the King’s community during the holiday season. This year, the group decided to take the effort online and match up families who can give to families in need — giving everyone direct and immediate access to the program.

Due to this effort, the group was able to assist 63 Kings families. Among those families, 178 Kings students were able to have a better holiday. 

“The website was helpful to our organization by informing our sponsors of our intentions. We wanted to give the parents/guardians of our families the ability to participate in Christmas morning,” said King’s parent, Melissa Kowitz. She was a major player in bringing the effort online.

“We want to give each family a nice Christmas without going over-the-top. We suggested 3 gifts totaling $75 each per child, with the goal of 2 clothing items and one item that is a toy or entertainment item.” said Kowitz.

The effort will continue next year, with the hope of helping even more families.

“KingsUKnights is looking forward to supporting more families next Christmas,” said Kowitz. “While we hope many of this year’s families are back on their feet – we know that each year provides new challenges and that we will likely find a similar number of needy families next year.”

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