New year brings amazing new tech


A new year brings new technology and there is certainly a lot of new tech for 2016. The

Kayleigh Johnson

K. Johnson

iPhone 7, self driving cars, Fitbit Blaze and much more are coming this year and these inventions may change our lives. Here are are a few things to look forward to this year:

The iPhone 7

Although the iPhone 7 is not set to release until the fall of this year, some rumours have been leaked about this exciting new phone. One rumour is that unlike other phones, the new iPhone 7 could potentially have no headphone jack. 

The iPhone 7 will most likely be thinner ranging anywhere between 6mm and 6.5mm thick, making it smaller than its sister, the iPhone 6s whose thickness is 7.1mm. Lastly, just like the LG Display , the iPhone 7 might have dual displays on either side of the phone.

Self Driving Cars

Google has used Lexus SUV’s and have made their own prototype car that is completely self driving. With software and sensors that are designed to sense cyclists, people and most importantly other cars. This car can reduce the risk of getting in an accident since most accidents are due to human error. Currently the self driving car is being test driven in both California and Texas.

Fitbit Blaze

The Fitbit Blaze is a watch that’s made for those who want more out of their workout. The Fitbit Blaze not only monitors your heart rate, it can use GPS, track your workouts, help you towards your weekly workout goals and much more.

A few things Fitbit Blaze comes with is, Multi-Sport, where you can see real time statistics whether you choose to run or bike. Smart Track tracks your workouts just in case you forgot to record what you’ve done for the day. Sleep tracking, which tracks your sleep patterns and tracks the times you’re restless and helps to correct sleep habits. And silent alarms provide you with a silent vibration to get you up in the morning.

Interchangeable bands make this watch universal whether you’re on your way to the gym or a night on the town. Fitbit Blaze comes in blue, black, and plum as well as in leather in which the colors are caramel, black, and mist grey.

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