Kings boasts 7 Scholastic finalists


This year in the Scholastic competitions 90

Reagan Heck

R. Heck

portfolios were submitted to judges. Of those 90 portfolios, just 12 were chosen as finalists.

What stands out this year is that of those 12 finalists, seven are Kings students.

The students participate in Kings AP Digital Media Arts program, and this is the most ever chosen in a competition.

Now all twelve portfolios are in the running to win Nationals, which takes place in March. The first place winner wins a $10,000 scholarship. Second place wins a $1,000 scholarship.

Kelly Shields, AP Digital Media Arts teacher, said she was elated when she found out so many of her students made it this year. 

“I was thrilled to see all of their hard work earn recognition,” Shields said. “I am excited to see the recognition this provides for our students.”

In AP DMA, students spend countless hours perfecting their artwork.

“I love watching as students are recognized for their hard work and talent,” Shields said.

Shields hopes her students follow their dreams in the art field and continue to create long after they graduate high school.

“I hope they can use their creativity to make a difference in the world,” Shields said. heck1

Mackenzie Mettey is a Kings senior whose portfolio was selected. Mettey’s concentration, or artistic “theme” this year, is books.

“Every piece showcases a different person learning and interacting with a book,” Mettey said. “I believe that reading brings something out of us that we can’t find anywhere else, and my concentration explores that idea.”

Not only does Mettey enjoy creating art in high school, she wants to continue on in the art field.

“I think my passion might be teaching kids how to create. I plan on becoming an art teacher for high school students. I want to inspire kids to pursue what they love,” she said.

Morgan FitzGerald is a senior at Kings whose portfolio also made the cut. Her concentration was “problems in our country.”

“The meaning behind my portfolio as a whole is issues in America,” FitzGerald said. “For example, one is called Terrorism which features acts of terrorism in our country. The animal head represents animals that exhibit the personality of the issues,”

As the artist, FitzGerald loves the reaction her concentration receives from others.

“My favorite part about my portfolio is how bizarre it is. I love when people react with a questioned look on their face,” she said.

FitzGerald also plans to continue pursuing her dreams in the art field.

“I want to become a graphic designer,” she said.

All 12 students had the amazing opportunity to hang their entire portfolio until Feb. 6 at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

“But putting that last tack into the wall and standing back to see the final product-it was breathtaking. At that moment I really felt like an artist,” Mettey said.

The other five finalists from Kings are Emily Hoyle, Abbey Ketterer, Corinne Brown, Grace Ficke and Katrina Kessler.

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