Kings Ski Club finally hits slopes


It took longer than expected, but winter has finally arrived. Which means skiing at Perfect

Laura Madden

L. Madden

North Slopes.

This is good news for Kings Ski Club, which travels to Indiana every Wednesday in January and February to hit the slopes.

The weather staying warm for so long into December affected ski club, as Perfect North Slopes was unable to prepare for visitors until much later in the season. 

“Not all the slopes were open the first week but it was a good day,” said Ski Club adviser Kim Danko. “We cannot go if school gets cancelled or let out early. Each year we normally have to reschedule one or two trips due to weather conditions.”

The club is for 5th-12th graders, but anyone in the community can use the club discount to buy passes.The basic 4-week lift ticket is $90. Equipment rentals add another $50. Bus transportation from Kings is another $5. There are about 120 members in the junior high and high schools and about 60 from Columbia Intermediate.

You can rent skis and snowboards at Perfect North, or you can bring your own.

“It’s a very fun experience and I love snowboarding with my friends every week” sophomore and club member Carter Favorite said. “I recommend it to everyone.”

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