quiz team (2)

Kings Quiz Team has now been competing since the month of December and has won a

Emily Charneski

E. Charneski

total of 5 competitions. In January the team even defeated Milford, who had previously been undefeated. Kings is now third in the ECC.

The team practices on Mondays and Tuesdays in classrooms around Kings High School.
Competitions are held every Wednesday from December to February.

Tryouts for the team take place in November. The team currently has 8 Varsity team members and 8 JV team members. 

A match consists of 4 rounds where a moderator asks questions to the teams. Some questions are directed at only one team, while other questions are toss-up questions where the first person to buzz in gets to answer. One of the rounds is called the Alphabet Round, where the teams get 4 minutes to answer as many questions as they can on a piece of paper and every answer starts with the same letter.

Coach Alex Garvin says, “Last year we were 8-6 and finished third in the league. I think we are much better this year. We did not have many seniors last year and Gabbie Griffen and Michael Braun basically carried us last year as juniors. Now they are a year smarter and more experienced at the nuances of AQT.”

Student John Naughton has been a part of the quiz team for two years. “A lot of the questions are hard. In competition there are 4 people answering questions at a time, so that helps overcome the challenge; if one of us doesn’t know, another might.”

Garvin is also aware of the challenge. “When you are put under a time crunch to answer a question your brain sometimes will lock up. Our team members have to know a lot of things and they have to know it fast, while under pressure.”

The questions are created by the National Academic Quiz Team Organization or test makers.
It is fairly difficult material, but what makes it harder is the speed at which you have to know things.

The categories in the team round are American Literature, English Literature, World History, Government, American History, Geography, Math, Fine Arts, Life Science, and Physical Science. During the Alphabet Round and the Final Round, questions can be from any of these categories as well as sports, pop culture, or even world religions.

Garvin says, “We have 3 matches left, and then the conference tournament. If we win the conference tournament then we will go to regionals in mid April. If we win the regional tournament then we will go to the state tournament in early May.”

“I plan to keep doing quiz team,” says Naughton. “I have a bunch of friends on the team. It is great group of people and has been a great experience.”

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