Mock Trial: On to regionals 

mock trial

Update: On Friday, Feb. 19, the Mock Trial team advances to state competitions.

Mock Trial was first created by Elisa King in the 2001-2002 school year. When she moved to Kings from North Carolina in 1999, King was excited to make the King’s Mock Trial team into a reality.

This year, the Kings Mock Trial Team has advanced onto regionals.In years past, several teams are invited to move on, but this year only three teams from Butler County have moved on. These teams are from Kings, Mason, and Springborough.

At the districts competition, 16 teams competed against each other. As Kings won both the morning and afternoon rounds, they moved on to the regionals competition.If they win regionals, the team will head off to state, and then to nationals. If the team makes it to nationals, they will get a different case. 

Each state currently has a different case. The cases are relative to current controversial events. Ohio’s current Mock Trial case concerns a police officer using excessive force on a man dressed up as an archer at a Medieval Fair. The police officer mistook his fake bow for a real one, and shot the man twice.

Sam Purkiss, a witness for Mock Trial, has been on the team for three years. “I saw the Mock Trial team on the King’s homepage in my eighth grade year,” he said. “I read into it and thought that it would be an interesting thing to do,”

Purkiss and his teammates love working together and having each other’s backs in the courtroom. “I like the spirit of the team,” Purkiss said, “It’s really cool to be on a team where we all have to work together,”

Purkiss and his teammates have worked very hard for the opportunity to move on to regionals, and they were finally rewarded for their hard work. “It felt really good because we’ve been working for three years to get there, and this year was their most selective year. They usually send seven teams through but this time only three passed,” Purkiss said.

King loves helping her students in and out of the courtroom. “I love that I get to help students figure out how to think on their feet, be able to articulate ideas, and get a passion about law, which is what I have,” she said.

Reagan Heck

By Reagan Heck

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