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The Kings High Cello Choir participated in the OMEA, Ohio Music Education Association, District 13 Solo and ensemble contest on Saturday Feb. 6.

This is event brings students from all over the tri state, students in band, choir, and orchestra all attend in hopes of receiving a superior rating.

There are judges for solos, trios, quartets, and choirs that rate these students on a scale of I to V, I being the best rating, called superior. 

The High School Cello Choir of Erin Ryan, Lila Mattaridi, Madi Schowalter, and Evan Ertl Murray along with the Kings viola choir received superior ratings.

“This gives recognition for the orchestra program and recognition for the hard work and desire of paying off” said Mrs. Southern, the Kings Orchestra teacher.

Although there is no winner or competition involved, that does not undermine the importance of this event. Students attend with the purpose of using their rating on college resumes.

Colleges of music hold the OMEA with high regard, therefore earning a superior rating could set you above other music students applying for the same program.

“Tons of students use these ratings on their college resumes and other applications, that is why the OMEAs are so popular. My top school of choice is Auburn University and I plan on including my OMEA superior rating in my resume.” said Evan Murray, cello choir member.

Kate Baxter

By Kate Baxter

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