‘God Fills You Up’
Mission in Monterey

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Kings students and faculty recently learned what it truly means to give a helping hand to others as they traveled over 1,500 miles to help those in need.

This past week, (Feb. 13-17), forty seven students and ten adults, five of which were teachers, traveled down to Monterrey Mexico, to help two orphanages in need. The total cost for the trip was $1000 per student . Money was raised both through Chic-fil-a and through supports letters, where people funded their trip. The two orphanages visited were Casa Hogar Douglas, and Casa Hogar Del Norte. 

Paired up with Back2Back ministries, an organization which was founded in 1997 by Emma and Evan Guckenberger’s adopted mother and father. Emma And Evan, both King’s students, created the idea for the mission trip. Before moving to the King’s district they actually lived in Monterrey Mexico and were missionary children. Emma states,

“My brothers and I grew up in Monterrey, Mexico as missionary kids,” she says. “The reason I wanted to do this trip was because I wanted to share a world that is important to me with others.”

When the group arrived to Mexico they were split into the two orphanages, where they completed a number of tasks. Painting rooms, classrooms, roof work, digging holes for fences, cleaned, installed new lights, yard work, cooked for the children were just some of the duties for the King’s group. Andy Endress, a social studies teacher at the High School went to the trip.

“I think we all have learned some valuable life lessons. This trip has led many of our students to become more grateful, selfless, and appreciated,” he said. “Our students showed what it meant to be Kings Strong, by encouraging one another and tackling any project given to them until it was completed.”

Although nothing has been set in stone, Emma would love to make this a tradition at Kings for years to come.

“I think it’s a great way for us to connect with people,” she said. “The best part is learning that when you serve together as a team and pour out, God fills you up.”

Kaitlyn Frederick

By K. Frederick

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