Kings grad pursues life in politics

nick and pepper

Until the age of 17, Nick Froehlich’s most visible passion was playing the harmonica. After graduating from Kings in 2015, he retained an interest in music while pursuing a new hobby: politics.

Froehlich first gained an interest in politics as a high school junior studying for the AP Government exam. “Up until then, I was pretty apathetic and disenfranchised when it came to the whole political process, but I needed that 3 badly,” he recalls. “It wasn’t until ‘crunch time’ with Mrs. King that I learned that I really like this stuff.”

It soon became clear that he had discovered a new passion. He fervently began writing letters to Congressman Steve Chabot and Senator Rob Portman, expressing his ideas and concerns. “At that point I was hooked,” he says. “The idea that I could make life better for those who can’t help themselves consumed my heart.”  

Last summer, he founded the Warren County Young Democrats with former Kings classmate Kelly Schroeder. In January 2016, the two were elected Delegates to the Democratic National Convention in support of Bernie Sanders. Froehlich founded the group Ohio Students for Sanders, and has volunteered in Iowa and New Hampshire for the Sanders campaign. Schroeder is involved with Buckeyes for Bernie, an Ohio State organization responsible for canvassing, phone banking, and voter registration.

Froehlich currently studies political science as a freshman at Miami University. Since arriving on campus, he has participated in a multitude of political activities: he reinstated the Miami College Democrats, defeated Ohio State in a voter registration challenge, and even started an internship with the Ohio Democratic Party.

Froehlich is also involved with Miami University’s Governmental Relations Network, a program that works to improve the relationship between the university and the federal and state governments. “I get to do all sorts of cool stuff on the university’s behalf, such as go to D.C. and advocate for Miami in meetings with members of Congress,” he explains.

Despite his preoccupation with politics, Froehlich remains active in music. On campus, he plays harmonica in the Oxford Jazz Combo and Double Tenor in the Miami Steel Band. Off campus, he is in the process of forming 98 Mile Per Hour Pumpkins, what Froehlich describes as “a post-geographic glam-funk quartet.”

“And of course,” he says, “Patrick Ritchie, Declan Hayden, Ben Baker and I are still rocking out.”

Froehlich hopes to seek political office in the future. “I would love to be an elected official,” he remarks. “That’s a long way off though. There’s lots of work I can do before running my first campaign. Also, I need to get some sort of degree first.”

Madison Stowers

By Madison Stowers

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