Blood Drive nets 17 pints


The 26 donors in the latest Kings Blood Drive contributed a total of 17 pints of blood and one “double reds unit,” according to event organizer and KHS teacher Jorge Gonzalez.

Since January of 2002 Kings has been partnering with the Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati, said Gonzalez. He has transformed the drive into an annual tradition at Kings. 

He described his idea for the annual drive as “a way to do something in the wake of the September 11, 2001 tragedies.” His initial intention was to host a one-time drive, similar to those in the past, but the success was so overwhelming the decision was made to continue them.

“Many people felt helpless in trying to help the survivors and the family of those survivors, as well as the family of those who perished, so this was rejuvenated the blood drive in order to feel as if we could help somehow,” Gonzalez stated.

Now the blood drive occurs twice a year at Kings, one in March and the second in late October or early November.

From each donation received, three lives can be saved and the process takes about 15 minutes to complete.

“It only takes a few minutes out of your day and it saves lives,” stated KHS Junior Claire Galburg, pictured above. She said her donation is also more personal.

“My dad’s been sick for a while and has had multiple blood transfusions so it’s a really big deal to me and my family, it felt like a way to help other sick people.” Galburg explained.

Katie Ernst

By Katie Ernst

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