Scott promotes basketball for all


Every month the Countryside YMCA nominates a Volunteer of the Month; for the month of March, Kings Technology Department Employee, Tim Scott, was nominated.

Scott started volunteering at the Countryside YMCA in 2007 as a flag football coach and has grown to love being a coach for kids. Scott then met with Karen Mackey, the Athletic Director for the YMCA, looking to volunteer for a basketball program. 

“Karen advised me that she would love to have a program for older kids but it needed somebody to help keep it moving and be a little more involved than a normal volunteer coach might be,” Scott said. “I agreed to do it and together we had a vision of offering kids who might not normally get a chance to play for a school or rec team.”

The new basketball program would reach out to children 11-14 years old. Every year the league grows and develops with many new kids joining to play. The kids are evaluated and divided up as equally as possible into teams that keep games competitive throughout the league.

“I find that working with kids is very rewarding, not only helping them to be better athletes but, better people through hard work and a commitment to their team,” Scott said.

The program has also allowed the kids to focus on important things along with winning. Some main focuses are being a good teammate and putting in effort, which are qualities the players can take with them through life’s opportunities.

Chandler Kircher

By Chandler Kircher

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