Kings greets new head coach


A crowd of Kings community members gathered in the KHS gym this week to meet Nick Molz, Kings High School’s new men’s basketball coach.

Molz, who will replace longtime coach Mike Stevens, spoke about his core values as a coach, his vision for Kings Basketball, and took questions from community members.

“I’m really excited to be here, “ exclaimed Molz.” I can’t wait to get to know my players and start competing at a high level on a daily basis.”  

Molz comes from Wilmington High School where he’s been an assistant coach and history teacher for three years. While at Wilmington, the basketball team has had a combined record of 51-4. He will also teach at Kings high school.

Molz stressed his desire to build a basketball program as a whole, not just exclusively

Nick Molz basketball


focussing on the high school team.

“I want to have a say in the entire program, K-12. We need to focus on the foundation of our program, not just the at the high school level,” he said.

KHS Athletic Director Tyler Miller shared that upon announcing Molz as the head coach, he received numerous messages from former players, assistant coaches, and head coaches who knew coach Molz, congratulating Miller on the fantastic hire.

Some said, “Best assistant coach I’ve had in 18 years [as a head coach]”, “An incredible work ethic”, and “Hardest working assistant I’ve ever had”.

“Kings is a great community with an outstanding support system. I am looking forward to getting to know players, parents, teachers, and other community members,” Holz said.

Caleb Ewing

By Caleb Ewing

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