Senior Edition 2016
Favorite Novels


Everybody has that one book they either really liked, or absolutely loathed from high school. Whether it’s Romeo and Juliet or, like most students at Kings, To Kill a Mockingbird. One way or another you’ll leave high school with a pretty vivid memory of at least one novel from your English class. 

Lindsay Leighton – To Kill a Mockingbird

Katy Hampton – To Kill a Mockingbird

Alex Egan – To Kill a Mockingbird

Rachel Rizzuto – To Kill a Mockingbird

David Weed – Woodall’s Textbook

Julia Lemmel – To Kill a Mockingbird

Grace Palaparty – The Great Gatsby

Katie Busemeyer – Their Eyes were Watching God

Julia Woodall – The Awakening

Simon Melton – Fahrenheit 451

Reagan Heck – Animal Farm

Kayden Whitaker – Julius Caesar

Jared Dorsa – The Internet

Alex Driggers – The Great Gatsby

Ellie Centers – Le Petit Prince

Brittani Berenz – The Catcher in the Rye

Ella Jolicoeur – Paper Towns

Juliana Rizzo – Their Eyes were Watching God

Katrina Kessler – Brave New World

Ricky Brayton – Great Gatsby

Brooke Conner – To Kill a Mockingbird

Mary Claire Bauman – To Kill a Mockingbird

Elizabeth Kuhn – Of Mice and Men

Anthony Mussari – the Hunger Games

Joseph Song – The Pendragon Series

Nicholas Roetenberger – The Great Gatsby

Brandon Wooley – Of Mice and Men

Annie Dean – To Kill a Mockingbird

Kira Doebereiner – Macbeth

Robert Wynn – The Dresder series

Madison Stowers – The Old Man and the Sea

Jordan Yonkofski – To Kill a Mockingbird

Braden Burnside – To Kill a Mockingbird

Megan Shelton – The Selection

Robert Scott – Fallen Angels

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