Senior Edition 2016
Your favorite Kings memories


As the class of 2016 takes the leap to the next stages in their lives, it’s good to reflect on memories from the Castle. Throughout all four years at Kings High School every student has great memories to look back on.

Madison Boeing: Being team captain of my golf team

Meagan Shelton: The week before exams, freshman year, bringing in coloring pages for me and my friends. Disney of course!   

Mackenzie Mettey: Mr. Wright’s yellow dog videos and playing cash cab

Jenny Brown: Katie Wright’s first bell English 11 class during 2014-2015 school year

Kellen Biesbrock: Sophomore year bonfires at Brockrath’s house and senior spring break in Siesta Key

Corinne Brown: AP DMA and Bowling Team

Braden Burnside: Beating Turpin to win the ECC Championship on Senior Night

Jordan Yonkofski: Final night of Drowsy Chaperone: the moments right after the show where we all gathered in the choir room- no one said anything but we all felt the same thing

Madison Stowers: Football games

Robert Wynn: Engineering

Kira Doebereiner: Meadhall day in Myth 1 with Mr. Moore

Annie Dean: Running the 4×400 m steeple chase relay in track

Brandon Michael Woolly: Having interesting lunch conversations

Adrian Schmidt: Dressing as Pedro with Braden Burnside as Napoleon

Kaityn Corinne Frederick: Accidently starting a fire outside with the space heaters or makeshift Waffle Wednesdays

Maddie DePaoli: Making waffles outside during lunch every Wednesday

William Forgham: The passing down of Hemingway Adventures or VHS from Mr. Weber

Nicholas Roetenberger: Going to New York and Pittsburgh during senior year

Blake Bockrath: Kings football 2014 and 2015

Josh Rayman: Back to back KFB ECC champs

Simon Melton: Comp 101 with Nichols.. I highly recommend taking the class. If you can get a group of friends to take it with you it’s even better

Julia Woodall: Playing Smash after AP’s

Katie Busemeyer: Senior Night-soccer

Grace Palaparty: Hicks’ magic carpet

Ben Jackson: My Benquo rap from English with Syndes

Patrick Ritchie: The potato party in second bell English this year

Trevor Zolotas: Second bell AP Lit potato party

Peyton Mills: The magic carpet ride of 4th bell with Tim Hicks

Madison Mettey: Second bell AP Literature potato party! #potatoland

Reagan Heck: Mr. Moorehouse aka “Fetus” coming to school in a fencing costume and fencing Braden Burnside in Hicks’ class junior year

Kayden Whitaker: Macbeth 2012

Jared Dorsa: Walking down the hill on Friday nights with the Drum line playing and locked arm and arm with my brothers

Alex Driggers: Almost all my english classes

Ellie Centers: French 2

Brittani Berenz: Performing the half-time show during Senior Night this year at the football game and the crowd being stunned when I was lifted in the air

Ella Jolicoeur: The last show of the play or musical

Grace Ficke: Ordering chinese in AP Drawing with Mrs. Guilfoyle

Juliana Rizzo: Running track senior year and the three varsity soccer tournament games that Katie Wright coached during junior year

Ryan Broerman: The friends I made

Mailys Terrier: Laughing so hard at lunch that all my rice flew out of my mouth and hit three different people. I didn’t even apologize…

Emily Lima: Younglife camp and when Chad was crowned king at the homecoming game

Robert E. Scott: The first day here I knew I made the right choice coming to Kings

Joseph Song: Mrs. Wittig almost burning the school down and setting the fire alarms off sophomore Halloween

Anthony Mussari: Getting fourth place for BPA

Elizabeth Kuhn: Going to the Tiffen cross country meet

Mary Claire Bauman: Winning ECC in cross country my senior year

Sophie Jostworth: Young life camp over the summer after my Junior year, or getting my varsity letter at a cross country meet in Eaton

Maddy McIntosh: Cheering at the football game where we kicked Loveland’s butt after they won state the year before

Brooke Conner: Spring break sophomore year when Claire Middlekamp and I went to Universal Studios in Orlando and got to play sand volleyball with college baseball players

Ricky Brayton: Winning Prom King

Katrina Kessler: Too many to count. Disney World with the choir. Disney club with Grant Abbott. Animal Crossing with AP DMA kid. My creative writing class. Just way too many to name.

Julia Lemmel: Friday night football games!

David Weed: Mr. Woodall’s class freshman year when he scared the whole class when the ‘Green Lady’ suddenly showed up in a mirror on a video we were watching

Rachel Rizzuto: Football games
Alex Egan: Being involved with the high school plays and musicals

Katy Hampton: My first day and meeting everyone for the first time

Hunter Ghobar: Heckling people during sporting events

Rachel Bernard: Friday night football games

Lindsay Leighton: The Spain trip the summer after my sophomore year and the New York trip my senior year

Jacob Wisbey: Graduating

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