Senior Edition 2016
Your Senior Confessions


Everyone has a secret that’s worth sharing, here is what the Class of 2016 has to confess.

Simon Melton: I put a wireless mouse in my teacher’s computer. I was able to scroll up and down on the notes and change the Pandora song as I pleased

Grace Palaparty: Still haven’t taken that chapter test, Fread

Peyton Mills: Maddie Mettey and I decorated a dead tree with T. Hicks sayings and put it on his doorstep.   

Trevor Zolotas: I accidentally asked Katie Busemeyer to prom. There’s a story behind it but it’s too long.

Katrina Kessler: In 4th grade I had a giant bag of stuffed animals and Maddie DePaoli and I assigned every person in our class (Mrs. Bowman) to a certain stuffed animal and would make fun of everyone and act out scenes of them

Ben Jackson: I actually have a soul even though I’m a ginger

Joe Song: Telling random teachers we didn’t know that Josh and I were actually Kevin and James

Brandon Wooley: Walking in the the girls bathroom in the C hallway but escaping unnoticed.

Blake Bockrath: My friends and I duct-taped the parking lot (sorry Coradini).

Maddie DePaoli: I’ve peed my pants at school multiple times because I laughed so hard.

Alex Driggers: My entire freshman year I sat out in the senior lounge for lunch.

Maddie Mettey: Peyton Mills and I put a dead tree on Mr. Hicks’s doorstep that was covered in all of his phrases like “The American Dream”

Patrick Ritchie: My friends and I may have accidentally gassed the physics room.

Kaity Frederick: I made and upheld the “Daddy Doug Leist” Instagram account. Follow me @daddydougleist.

Mackenzie Mettey: Mrs. Shields: I didn’t actually go to my doctor’s appointment that one day. I went to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Maddy McIntosh: Groupme saved my life in pre calc this year.

Mary Claire Bauman: One day in study hall senior year I realized I forgot my homework at home so I asked Mrs. Prince if I could go grab something from my car, so I went to my car and drove home to grab my homework I forgot and got back to school in probably 3 minutes. Thankfully I live in Riverwalk.

Annie Dean: I used to prank call Jacob Irwin and David Weed all the time in junior high.

Adrian Schmidt: That would be bad.

Madison Stowers: My friends and I brought in a waffle iron and pancake mix every Wednesday of first semester so that we could make waffles outside for lunch.

William Forgham: I know who really killed JFK.

Jordan Yonkofski: One time I skipped school to stay at home with my best friend after he got dumped and my mom gave me money to take him to breakfast.

Braden Burnside: Keenan Williams and I drove to Tennessee over spring break without telling anyone.

Megan Shelton: I never did any sports because I was told I look like a prancing pony when I run …

Madison Boeing: I got a ticket on Kings Island Dr. for going 81 on my way to school, because I thought being late resulted in a detention

Robert Scott: If I could go back and choose a different school than Kings, I would choose Kings.

Emily Lima: I would tally how many times Mrs. Schipper said “um”.

David Weed: Sticky note-ing Mrs. Contratto’s room with Jack Delehanty and Simon Melton. Also putting old sandwiches in the lab desk drawers with Jacob Henderson.

Morgan Marquez: I’d write my own notes to leave and when I was tardy until I got caught.

Ella Jolicoeur: I threw a voodoo doll in Mr. Krepps’ fridge

Grace Ficke: When I designed the senior art show poster I put Barry the bee from the Bee Movie next to Brendan Ruddy

Rachel Rizzuto: I TP’d Clay Cooper’s house in 7th grade

Reagan Heck: I’ve missed more school this year than any other year, ever

Brittani Berenz: Garvin- I tried to cheat on my algebra 2 exam, but I still got a 36% on it

Ellie Centers: I still watch Disney Channel

Hunter Ghobar: There was no deer.

Brooke Conner: Last year when i was on Prom Committee, we were setting up and I accidently knocked over a row of vases but Ricky Brayton took the blame for it. Sorry Ricky!

Mailys Terrier: I’m not sure if this is considered a confession, but my prom date flew over from California so that was cool.

Kayleigh Johnson: My senior confession would have to be that I’ve had a crush on Mr. Christman since freshman year.

Ryan Broerman: Josh Haverland crashed his Camry into a tree trying to e-brake slide, but lied to everyone saying there was a deer he tried to swerve out of the way of.

Nicholas Roetenberger: My senior confession is that I actually had a crush on some of the girls, and wish that I asked them on a date.

Josh Rayman: Sorry Corradini, duct-taped parking lot numbers.

Kayden Whitaker: I steal art supplies.

Lindsey Leighton: Leaving school early on early release days.

Elizabeth Kuhn: I never ran loop mile during indoor track when David and I had to after hurdles. We would hide in the christmas shop.

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