Back to School: 2016
KHS welcomes new students


As Kings students get back into the swing of school, new freshman Megan Summers felt the added pressure of being in a brand new district.

Summers is starting her first year of High School at Kings, having moved to Kings from Blanchester schools. She wants to get involved as much as possible to make her High School experience the best.

“I want to try out for the soccer team,” Summers said. “I’m excited for all the classes Kings has to offer.” Her favorite class so far is Digital Media Arts. 

For anyone coming to a new school there are many challenges.

“Finding my classes,opening my locker and not knowing people are some challenges I faced,” Summers said.

To help new students ease into their new environment, the school on Thursday threw a pizza party, treating all 50 kids to lunch.

“The idea of the luncheon was to welcome new students and get them to feel familiar so they don’t feel like this is a strange place,” said KHS teacher Elisa King, who organized the event.

The students got to sit at tables with other new students in their class and the older student council members. Here they could make new friends and have any questions answered.

This years lunch was a large group compared to past years, as Kings continue to grow.

“There are about 50 new students in this building and around 12 at the career center,” King said. “We will try to figure out if we can do some sort of reach-out for them because they will be graduating with the Kings students.”

Laura Madden

L. Madden

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