Back to School: 2016
Podcast covers all Kings sports


Football is the most recognized sport in most American schools, including Kings. Everyone knows who won the football game, but other sports in the school are not always as recognized.

Noah Stubenrauch (left), a junior at Kings, is trying to spread awareness of all the the school’s sports. Stubenrauch is creating weekly podcasts, each one highlighting a different sport and including interview with a team senior, along with their coach. These podcasts are pre-recorded audio bits that are meant to be easily accessible.  

“I am trying to get all sports on the map, because football is number one, but my sport, Cross Country, you only know the top runners and none of the results,” said Stubenrauch. “ I want to see more of Knight nation show up to other sporting events.”


Stubenrauch has the Kings athletic director, Tyler Miller, on board. According to Miller, the Kings athletic department has been trying to recognize other sports by including scores in the announcements and sending weekly newsletters updating the district on other sports called “Knight Weekly”. The podcasts are meant to connect to the students in the district.

“I know football gets the spotlight a lot of times, but that’s what we’re trying to show; that we’re not here just for football,” said Miller. “You don’t know what you don’t know. If I don’t get the information out about other sports, people have no clue.”

According to Stubenrauch, the podcasts will be accessible for anyone, anywhere. A link will be sent out to the district to allow the community to listen to the podcasts. Stubenrauch has already created podcasts for football, cross country, and girl’s golf this school year.

The athletic department has been trying to get sports podcasts off the ground for the past year. Stubenrauch teamed up with the athletic department and added the idea of senior and coach interviews. Stubenrauch’s goal is to have a career in sports broadcasting in the future.

The success of spreading of information is already being reflected in the turnout at events. “I’ve seen more people at our events already than normal. Other coaches are at other events because they’re seeing this information. If you don’t see this information, nobody is going to know and they won’t come out,” Miller stated.

The idea of these podcasts is to provide an extra piece of information to the community. A huge portion of the Kings community pack the stands every Friday night for football games. As Stubenrauch and Miller stated, the goal is to create a similar turnout for other sports in the school. By outlining the achievements of athletes in all sports, Stubenrauch and Miller hope that more of the community will participate in celebrating all athletes at Kings.

Stubenrach said he is looking to groom his eventual replacement. If anyone would like an opportunity to broadcast, and eventually take over the podcast, contact or tweet Stubenrach at @kingsstatman.


By Addie Collins

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